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Ramasama [Episode #1; Part One]

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Author Topic: Ramasama [Episode #1; Part One]  (Read 68 times)
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« on: September 02, 2012, 09:51:20 pm »

“Isn’t it just great here?”
“Oh yeah, totally!”
“Mhm. I found this place not too long ago.”
“Ah man, this is so friggin’ awesome!”
“Yeah. Peaceful.”
“Look at those... are those Seaking in the water?”
“I think so.”
“This is way past cool!”
“Hey, glad you like it little man.”
“Justice, you’re the best!”
“Just don’t tell anybody, alright? This’ll be our place.”
“Of course! Oh man... why is my big brother is awesome?”
“Haha, I love you too, Emi...”

There was a place Emi and his brother would sit together, at an opening near an inlet. Behind them, thick verdant undergrowth would obscure a beaten path. There were willows fresh and green with every spring, carrying in their lower leaf junctures the debris of autumn’s coming; and sycamores with mottled, white limbs, and branches that arched over the ocean. On the sandy bank underneath the trees, leaves lay deep and so crisp that a rattata would make a great skittering if it ran among them. Buneary came out of the brush to sit on the sand in the evening, and the damp flats were covered with the night track of bug pokémon and with the spread of poochyena from the outskirts of the town, and with the split-wedge tracks of deerling that came to drink in the dark.

The path through the willows and among the sycamores was beaten hard by the few who knew the place, coming down from the town to swim in the cove, and beaten hard by tramps who came wearily down from route one in the evening to jungle-up near the water. In front of the horizontal limb of a giant sycamore there was an ash pile made up by many fires; the limb was worn smooth by the people who had sat on it.

Evening of a hot day started the little wind to moving among the leaves. The shade climbed up the hills toward the top. In the sand banks the buneary sat quietly as little brown, sculptured stones. And then from the direction of Pallet town came the sound of footsteps on crisp sycamore leaves. The buneary hurried noiselessly for cover. A wingull laboured up into the air and pounded down into the ocean. For a moment the place was lifeless, and then a boy emerged from the path and onto the opening by the ocean.

Crashing, and exhausted, he threw himself onto the floor, panting hard. The trek through the secret conduit had left the boy starved for energy, but also starving. Reluctantly, he composed himself, sitting up and delving deep into his beige satchel. It only took a few seconds of rummaging for him to find what he wanted – and then a few more seconds of tearing back the glistening foil from his sandwich before sandwiching it between his teeth. The ocean dropped in close to the seaside town, running deep and green, as Emi stared at the expanses that unfolded before his deep, green eyes. The water was warm too, as it had passed twinkling over yellow sands. It was mildly pleasant, quiet-like and all, to say the least. Infact, the only noise that was audible was the slow rippling of the water, and the tentatively resuming chatter of wild pokémon behind him.

Not a single thing could’ve disrupted the stillness of the world at that moment.
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