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Let's Play - Everybody Dodecahedron!

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Author Topic: Let's Play - Everybody Dodecahedron!  (Read 83 times)
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« on: December 28, 2011, 04:34:52 pm »

So Dan and I got bored one day whilst my house was being decorated and we couldn't get upstairs, and after a conversation about anime and weasels, I got my laptop and proposed a game. We'd write completely in white, and I would take a turn to write something, then he would, and we'd have no idea what the other person had written until we were cool with finishing. We had no idea it'd grow this big, and we're still going. I've taken the liberty of colour coding our paragraphs, I'm in the dapper looking orange and Daniel's stuff is written in the swell cyan colour. Let's start this thing.

One fine day, EGGMAN was pacing back and forth in his la-bro-tory.

“Oh, woe is me. I can’t even capture that blasted blue hedgehog!” He takes a sip of his frosty glass, similarly suited to his usually frosty demeanour. Did I mention he’s in an icy cave on Mobius? Well he is. EGGMAN IS IN A FROST CAVE. “I’ll have to use all of my cunning, all of my stealth, and all of my trained seals!” EGGMAN laughs maniacally before realizing it hurts. The cold makes it HURT TO EXIST.


The pig danced around the flying molten rocks and the people jumped into the sun where the greatest picnic of all tine is happening. One person decided to puke out rainbows into the sun, where magical colours spewed out, infecting nearby planets with its multicolouredness. Meanwhile on a distant planet...

There was a dispute. A DISPUTE OVER COPIUS AMOUNTS OF CANADIAN FARMLAND. Leading the dispute was a weasel, that weasel was wearing one hell of a diabolical suit. He’d bought his LUCKY WOODEN IDOL along in his SYLLADEX for safekeeping. If things went well, he’d be head of Weasel Foods™ by the night. The opposing side? A pompous Daniel, full of swag, fresh from the spell card he’d cast earlier. Never had stealing from Flandre been more productive. And who was backing him up in this heated flurry of what could even barely considered to be the law, multiple outrageous threats of suing and bringing the book down hard on people – literally? His legal team, his very close magical family; Jake Yisdu and Twilli Yisdu. Together, they make the infamous team of lawyers that is Kitsones. Who would win this intense physical debate?


The party was in full swing. Everybody was enjoying themselves on the sun, eating, dancing, all that junk. Marisa was using Master Spark on any intruders that would come anywhere the party. Of course, she went a bit overboard and started to attack the partygoers. This of course made everybody angry and started to attack her. Marisa counter attacked by using Final Spark, sending everyone flying to the other planet. Meanwhile...

Dapper Swain had never had so much fun at the carnival in his life! He was usually a posh, swanky, upstanding gentleman. No time for carnivals, he was always on business trips for Weasel Foods™. But tonight was a night off – and boy, it was amazing! He’d been hustled onto a spaceship which was rather awkward, but all in good fun (he hoped)! Perhaps it was part of the act, he thought? It was cool, though – it felt like he was really flying! He had no idea why the patrons of the DARK CARNIVAL were all talking animals, but it was pretty cool, he guessed. Oh, that’s it for the allotted time slot of this dapper chap – next!

The sun was in terrible shape. The party has used up all the money on the place. So everybody had to move to another planet. Meanwhile...

Now we’re back to that lovely cave on Mobius. Oh, did I mention it was on fire? Well it is. THE CAVE IS NOW ON FIRE. The portly gentleman Dr. EGGMAN rushes about frantically, pulling discs from exploding terminals and ripping information from melting computers. How did the place set on fire?! The glacial fortifications began to melt into an incestuous slurry of melt-water and ice floats. The liquids weren’t enough to tame the sick fires, though, and the evil genius was forced to flee his adobe - with the little data he was able to scavenge - into the crisp night air of Mobius.

Everybody ended up running around, waving their arms like they just don’t care. Meanwhile on a nearby planet, but that is also very far away...

EGGMAN looks up at the sun. One day he’d like to blow up that sun.

On the sun, people were celebrating the fact that the money flow had returned and life was returning to normal. For the most part that is. Okuu had travelled there in order to harness the incredible power of the solar rays to make her unstoppable. People hadn’t realised that she had turned up though. So while they were enjoying themselves, disaster was sure to happen soon enough.

Anyway, back on another planet...

But more aptly named, Earth, and we’re back to the Canada again. Most of the weasel’s lawyers were lying, bloodied, across the official battlefield. Weasonian law worked differently, in which the lawyers would attempt to kill as many of the opposing lawyers as possible before the court hearing – which was really a big joke on the legal half of things. It would more often than not end in an even more confused position, where the attendants of the jury were shipping every possible individual and the defendant and prosecutor would in turn challenge each-other to gruelling rounds of mud wrestling every time there was an objection in court.

Although at the rate this warm-up slaughter was going, court wasn’t going to be an option. Most of the aristocrat water-dwellers were swimming in pools of their own blood by now, free of charge - courtesy of Kitsones. The legal war is not going according to plan. Weasel Foods™ might end up being written down to one Daniel Whitear by the night, and the weasel could not stand it. There was only one thing for the weasel to do.

He challenged Daniel to a round of Hanafuda Koi-Koi.

Okuu had reached the main surface of the sun. Unfortunately for her, people had noticed and were on their way to stop her. Marisa decided to use a final spark that was somewhat a homing laser. How does that work, I do not know, but it’s able to home in on to Okuu’s location. This meant that everybody could follow the laser to beat up Okuu.
Okuu, you better hurry up doing your evil plans if you want to succeed. Let’s see what’s going on elsewhere.

“Do you declare koi-koi, Mr. Whitear?” called a commanding, yet feminine android voice. The young man brushed his shoulder in smug triumph, whipping his cerulean locks back over his leather jacket.

“Pfft, of course!” the man thrust his face sky-wards in an expression of amusement as he erupted into a hearty, full-on chortle.

The game was over before it began.

The weasel threw his hat down in disgust; how could he possibly hope to beat this guy in a meagre children’s card game?! It was over; Weasel Foods™ was now in Daniel’s hand. It was as good as gone. Goodbye, extravagant food store. Unless... there was only one thing left to do. Yes, we said this last time, but now there was really only one more thing to do.
Write an extremely long final chapter.

Okuu was nearly at the centre of the sun with Marisa and company in pursuit.

“Keep following my Master Spark everyone!” Marisa shouted backwards to the rest of the mob. They were closing in onto Okuu’s position. This was getting dangerous. Very dangerous. But enough about this plot for now. Let’s see what’s going on elsewhere.


This was it. The inevitable showdown of man vs weasel. Not only had this version of Daniel stolen the animal’s rightful business from him in heated lawsuits, but publically humiliated him from across the professional board – IF SUCH A BOARD EVEN EXISTED AFTER THE MASSACRE. Now he had crushed him in a children’s card game, and that was stepping too far; heavily crushing on the creature’s very soul. Now, these humiliations drove him not to self-harm, or drug abuse induced suicide or even the slightest bit of moral pity and recluse from the real world... but they drove him into an even further enraged stupor that, even though he’d used his last reserves of MANGRIT in waging damage onto Kitsones, was spiking the weasel’s chakra! The result was a pulsating visible blue aura that ripped through the air and even the very atmosphere was charged with intense blue energies. The weasel was tensing his muscles, screaming, and almost floating up from the ground. He was... going Super Weasonian! All the fur on the creature’s person rippled a blinding gold colour, the weasel crossed his stumpy little arms in content.

But most intense of all these changes was the beast’s very eyes. They were a shocking pearly white, pupils missing. THIS INDICATES THAT SH*T JUST GOT REAL. Daniel, still swaggerful but wary, finally began to take a fighting stance. His two wingmen did the same. The rest of the weasels were pushovers, but this. This would be a hell of a fight. The weasel pulled out his LUCKY WOODEN IDOL and gave it a stiff kiss to the forehead... Goodnight, sweet prince. And may a chariot of angels sing thee to thy rest...

Anyway, back on the sun, Marisa and the mob had caught up to Okuu who had decided to dig herself into the centre of the ball of fire.  Marisa’s laser had grazed Okuu, making her stop digging.

“Caught you!” She said while panting a bit. “Why are you here? You are causing much trouble on the city layer!”

“AGH! It’s you. The one in black and white. Well it’s too late for you to stop me! Once I insert my hand into this core, I will become unstoppable! MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Okuu readied her hand in case the people of the city did anything. Several long and painful minutes passed.

“Well?” Marisa shouted out. “Aren’t you going to do it? Or are you too scared?” She gave Okuu her trademark smirk.

“... It’s too easy if I just did it. Ok Marisa, I have an idea. How about we have a danmaku battle?” She pulled her hand away from the core and started to walk towards Marisa. This of course, made everybody else flee back to the surface.

“A danmaku battle? Heh. I’m interested. Okay then, if I win, you go back to the underworld in Gensokyo. But if you win, I will let you use this sun for whatever you want it for.”
“Ok. That sounds fair. Right Marisa. We should do this in a more open space.” Okuu started to fly off into space.

“Right. Hey, wait for me!” Marisa got on her broom and chased after Okuu.

Well. Things have gotten interesting. Who will win the battle and what is the fate of the sun? We have the answers and more after we look at another place. Heh, suspense.

EGGMAN was as good as beat. The harsh wilderlands of the Mobius tundra only gave home to harsher creatures, that all wanted a taste of tubby mad scientist flesh. He had tried everything, and if nothing a man with an IQ of 300 could work, then you’d be mad to think he’d survive another night. He had nothing on him that could serve use in his SYLLADEX, only his PARTIALLY RESTORED DATA DISC and maybe a SNACK or two. After all, no self respecting portly genius would keep any less than five SNACKS on him at any time. Yep, as good as beat.

Unless... another ridiculous plot twist came into ploy. EGGMAN fell onto his gangly knees in pleading, breaking the fourth wall and begging JOSHUA to introduce some inane twist that allowed the escape and survival of this evil genius. JOSHUA isn’t very appreciative of this; he just fixed the damn thing! EGGMAN pleads for survival. JOSHUA asks for payment. EGGMAN looks reluctant. JOSHUA asks once more, he won’t ask again. EGGMAN sourly gives up two KIT KATS. JOSHUA nods sagely (and invisibly). Suddenly, an EGGPOD is written into the story for VODO MOJO PURPOSES.

EGGMAN realizes what he must do. He hops into the vehicle, and flies skywards. Maybe he’ll make it back to the DEATH EGG? Perhaps he- wait. What’s that?

Marisa and Okuu had flew out of the core of the sun to start their danmaku battle.

“No holding back!”  Marisa shouted over to Okuu.

“You too!” Okuu shouted back.

Within moments, the sky was filled with bullets and lasers in the thousands. Everybody on the surface ran into their houses.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman was on his way to the sun for reasons unknown didn’t see the massive amount of bullets and his eggpod got hit.

“Oh no! This can’t be happening! NOOOOOO!!!” He made a crash landing on the surface. When he came to, he found himself outside a big building. This was a mansion, but not any old mansion. This was the Scarlet Devil Mansion. He decided to make his way inside seeing as the gatekeeper, Hong Meiling was asleep as usual.

Anyway, back to the fight. Marisa pulled out a spell card, but got hit by one of Okuu’s nuclear energy balls. This battle doesn’t look like it’s gonna end so soon though. Let’s see what else is going on.

“Stupid bloody spies, bloody useless!”

The assassin chuckled darkly to himself as he pushed the bullet out from his BOLT-ACTION SNIPER RIFLE. He also had his TRUSTY SMG and KNOIFE on him at all times in his SYLLADEX, but he didn’t need them at the moment. He was way too busy camping at the top floor of BLU base. There was the occasional assassination attempt from the other five RED snipers, coming from the EXACT SAME BASE opposite the bridge, but they were all NOOBS and missed constantly. The BLU Sniper had no trouble in racking up the points for his team; but points didn’t matter in a game type like this. No, his team would need to assist him in stealing the RED INTEL. The NOOB snipers weren’t going to hit anybody within ten feet of them, so it was safe to leave the post for a bit – the Sniper equipped his SMG from his STRIFE MODUS and dropped down from the second floor of the base, snuck over the bridge, and flung himself inside RED base.

Meanwhile, deeper into the base, there was a stranded group of BLU militia holed up around the corner from the INTEL room. The squadron consisted of one BLU Engineer, one BLU Spy, one BLU Pyro and one BLU Medic. They weren’t going anywhere – there was a whole army of RED enemies guarding the INTEL room, making grabbing the INTEL virtually impossible. Going back to RED spawn meant even more trouble, and there was no point in moving back just to push forward again. They were stuck, and they had to formulate a plan between.

Engineer only had a limited amount of metal; so they had to think carefully about its displacement amongst building machinery. They were rather indefensible, so perhaps a SENTRY could be placed? However the SENTRY would only be first level, not very strong at all. And where would it be placed? Spy, on the other hand, may be able to DISGUISE as one of the BLU forces and infiltrate the INTEL room, but should he risk the detection of the team? If his assassination or disruption of enemy equipment failed, he risked not only his life but the lives of his team. Pyro and Medic were pretty much useless in this situation. They facepalm at such things. Medic sits in the corner and simply ups his ubercharge little by little.

Ok, back to the danmaku battle. We now have the universal stat machine up and running. This will show us things a lot better. Anyway, Marisa and Okuu were still going strong with no end in sight. Let’s use the stat machine to see well. Marisa 67/100 HP. Okuu 70/100. It seems that Okuu is winning, but not by much.

“I’ll never give up! MASTER SPARK!!!” Marisa hurled out her mini-hakkero and pointed it towards Okuu, before saying a spell. This of course was her special Master Spark. The giant colourful laser shot across the sky at tremendous speeds.

“Your trademark move, huh? I have a trick up my sleeve. SUBTERRAINIAN SUN!!!” Okuu hurled up a ball of nuclear energy which started to grow to enormous sizes before hurling it towards Marisa and the giant laser heading towards her.

Both moves hit each other with such great force that both ended up getting caught in the explosion, causing massive amounts of damage. Marisa took 31 points of damage. Okuu took 50 points of damage. CRITICAL HIT! This left Marisa with 36HP and Okuu with 20HP.

This battle could end very soon with just one spell card.

Let’s see what else is going on before the end of the battle.

This is precisely the right time to get back to our long forgotten hero, Dapper Swain. The allotted segment for his part of the story was up a while back and it wasn’t busy booking another slot in the constantly busy schedule of this Let’s Play, especially from this carnival; it’s so annoying to get a decent connection from this place! But Dapper Swain brushes the fact aside, and now you’re here to follow him, who knows what crazy shenanigans this carnival might hold? Let’s follow him, and-- what’s that strange beeping? OH NOOOO THE TIME SLOT FOR THIS PART OF THE STORY IS OVER. WHO KNEW SECONDS COULD FLY BY SO FAST?!?!

The finale of this battle is here. Marisa and Okuu were both obviously tired, but hey both didn’t back down. They kept firing millions of bullets at each other until...

“Time for my ultimate weapon! FINAL SPARK!!!” This has a base power of 9001 and has a large area of effect. Its special effect is that it has a 95% chance of turning whatever it hits into dust.

“The... Final Spark?! Marisa, are you crazy?! You kill me! ARGH! She’s not listening! This calls for one thing. RUUUUUNNNN!!!” Okuu quickly turned tail and ran, Uhh, flew away. Of course, Marisa had already said the spell for it. The beam of light was beautiful, yet very, very evil. Okuu didn’t stand a chance. She took overkill damage plus it was a critical hit and unfortunately the special effect kicked in.


The situation was growing more intense by the second. The longer the group stayed inside the base unprotected, without the INTEL, the more dangerous and unnerving the mission became. Medic cradled his MEDIGUN back and forth slowly as he topped up Pyro’s health. Ubercharge; 92%. Spy was DISGUISED as a RED engineer, giving him the perfect opportunity to get close to the defences barring the team from entering. One step within the radius of those LEVEL 3 SENTRIES and it was good-bye INTEL, and good-bye life. Engineer had decided the best course of action was to lay down his DISPENSER; costing 100 of his 200 scrap metal. This would permit the team healing benefits, opportunities to refill ammo and more scrap metal for the Engineer. Even Pyro had his FLARE GUN at the ready, to set people alight from distances. Getting in close for the FLAMETHROWER bonus was too risky. Engineer began work on his LEVEL ONE SENTRY, after gaining an extra 30 metal from his DISPENSER. He was to stick back and upgrade his SENTRY as much as possible, so if all else failed at least the team would have someplace to regroup on. Spy would enter first and disrupt the enemy SENTRIES, from closest to the door to furthest. As soon as the signal was given, Medic would flip the UBERCHARGE and make Pyro and himself INVINCIBLE for a proceeding amount of time, allowing him to rush in with a FLAMETHROWER and wreck maximum havoc. When the charge was under 25% and starting to fade, if there were sentries remaining they would retreat back to Engineer at the defences. The plan seemed foolproof; very thorough, very thorough indeed. All they needed to do now was wait for Medic’s UBERCHARGE to reach the critical throes of 100%...

BLU Sniper jumped out of nowhere, parkouring over the SENTRY fortification that was beeping loudly, constantly searching. Pyro let out an extremely muffled yell of stress; he’d alert the entire enemy base in the INTEL room to their presence! He jerked forward, pushing past Spy and ran headlong for Sniper. The assassin stopped just at the corner of the INTEL room, pulled out his KNOIFE from its respective hold, and with extreme caution motioned it around the edge of the corner. In the reflective, shiny metal of the KNOIFE, Sniper could make out two, no, three SENTRIES ready to decimate – and there were probably plenty more hidden from view. Bombs lined the doorway, ready to explode onto any unfortunate trespassers, and there were frequent Soldier patrols armed with enough rocket ammunition for weeks—

There was gunfire. A SENTRY had locked onto the barely measurable movements of the KNOIFE and shot it straight out of Sniper’s hand! The patrols turned, the bombs shone brightly - this wasn’t good. Sniper leapt back, but Pyro was close in front; then explosions. Noise flooded the air, gunfire of every kind was fired, spent bullet casing pinged against the floor, angry yells of RED soldiers spilling out of the base and cries of the shocked BLU squadron followed en suite. The entire wall next to the BLU fortification was caked with bullet holes from the enemy. There was little time to react; Medic leapt out underneath the gunfire as the BLU SENTRY pinged into action, now LEVEL TWO from upgrades Engineer issued. It lobbed bullets into the scrambling horde of enemies approaching; Spy offered a little help with the various headshots he gained from firing his MAGNUM. Medic fled for the position Sniper was at, who had pulled Pyro’s body out of the stampeding enemy team and had now pulled out his TRUSTY SMG – riddling the RED opposition with holes from his concealed position. Rockets were fired towards the fortification, almost blowing up the SENTRY but critically damaging it; the little automation was alight with flames. Spy had disappeared from the face of the battle by now, as did his support. The RED team approached menacingly against Engineer and his machinations. Medic pointed his MEDIGUN towards Pyro, and, praying for the best, pulled the trigger. Sniper reloaded. A beam of BLU energy enveloped the pyromaniacs suit; slowly and confused, Pyro stirred. And then the SENTRY blew up. Engineer flinched from the sudden explosion; he crouched down low pulling his hands over his hardhat. Bullets were flung into his direction and there was no chance of survival against the inevitable onslaught that was RED team.

Rather unexpectedly a female voice cut through the chaos on the monitor.

“RED INTEL CAPTURED,” was announced, clear and loud, for all to hear. The REDs paused for a second, before turning and running back base-wards; and back into Sniper’s fresh new round of bullets. The last of the REDs were slain, by none other than the assassin himself. Engineer perked up slightly now the gunfire had died down and, shaking slightly, stood up. He counted four heads, including himself. That meant that Engineer, Medic, Pyro and this Sniper were still alive. So where did that leave Spy? That left him to go and grab the INTEL, didn’t it? Well played Spy, well played.

It was then Spy was flung out from the INTEL room, without a briefcase to show for his efforts, bruised and beaten.


Marisa had just defeated Okuu and saved the sun from being absorbed.

“Oh my. I think I overdid it. Oh well. Served her right for trying to destroy the sun.” Marisa flew back down to the surface city. When she returned, Marisa was greeted by the residents of the city to celebrate her on stopping Okuu.

“This really isn’t necessary.” Marisa said while panting on the floor.

“Brian, brian, we want your brian...”

“It’s brain. Brain, you dumb—“

“Shush, the adult human is waking!”

Dapper Swain lifted a swollen eyelid, and then quickly shut it. He took a deep breath and opened it again. He really was seeing what he thought he was seeing. And he still couldn’t believe it. Furries. Encircling him were strangers he’d never seen before all clad in the most outrageous attire, draped in the full body animals – the swain himself clutched at his heart, suit still there? Good. He’d need it to survive the night.

“We know you,” a large, dark fox stood towards him. “We’ve been watching, always watching.” Dapper Swain remained resolved. The fox continued his shady speech. “What do you know of us?” The response was met with silence; yet, answers poured forth. “Most interesting.” The fox pressed on. “So you think of our kind to be furries?” Calm still lingered in the atmosphere, not a single word was spoken. And yet these were all the words the fox needed to reach a conclusion. “Such gentlemanly aplomb, I could not have worded it better myself.” The fox concluded. “And you probably know why we have called you, non?” Only the hush of the swain himself could persuade the fox otherwise. “I’m glad you asked,” the furry continued, seemingly delusional. “We are indeed in need of your... assistance.”

Oh god help.

Inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the evil genius Dr. Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik was walking around.

“Hmm... This place seems deserted. Huh? Who’s there?” He turned around to see a young woman dressed in some sort of maids outfit. It was Sakuya, the chief maid of the mansion.

“Who are you and why are you here?” She said, cross armed and a serious face. “Well? Explain yourself.”

“I, uhm, crashed in front of this place. I don’t quite know where I am. So I came in here to look for someone to help me fix up my transportation and tell me where about I am.”  Eggman pointed out to the entrance where a pile of scrap metal is.

“Ah. I see. Well. You are in the mansion of the scarlet devil located in an isolated area on the surface of the sun. I also know someone who might be able to fix your little machine. I’ll contact her. Just sit there and wait.” With that, Sakuya walked off into another room and Eggman sat down and waited.


The atmosphere was charged with an incredible tension; only the disconcerting ogle of the Dapper Swain could cut through the air, so thick it sliced through thin air like a knife through butter. The furry cult was chilling, and sociopathic to say the least. Through the musky darkness the Swain’s strained eyes made out decapitated heads of weasels, blood stagnant and plastering the floor. The remains adorned the room on various spikes and hooks that jutted out of the walls at various angles. And the smell; by god, it had only just dawned on him that the entire place smelt feral. The coven was littered with various indescribable gibs of smaller animals, and insects buzzed about hurriedly, feasting on the corpses with an insatiable appetite for flesh. And then the fox stood forth again; ready to monologue the heck out of this b*tch.

“You may be wondering why exactly you were summoned here,” Dapper Swain shot the wolf a confused but defiant look. “Yes, I know by your understanding you were brutally beaten around the head and kidnapped, but look here; that’s beside the point.” The Swain begs to differ. “Our enemy is a common enemy, I hope. They are disgusting... They are a blight upon all that is good and furry... They are a plague upon our very anthropomorphic beings...”

Dapper Swain shifts a bit, uncomfortably. What do they want from him? “Don’t. Even. Say it.” The fox snarls at the Swain. “Don’t even mention their filthy names here, in our abode. What sickens me is that there are such beings out there now... still within existence.” Was he perhaps talking about... weasels? The fox looks discouragingly down on the Swain. His scruffy, unkempt fur was gray in the palid light, bristled and with so many scars etched deep into his muzzle it looked like he had been knitted in a criss-cross array of fur, hide and bone. If the Swain let slip he was the chief executive for Weasel Foods™, well... he gulped. He didn’t like to think of the outcome.

“We need you to fight for us,” the wolf extended a flea-bitten paw. “For all of the furries. All of them. And you will aid us in our plight or your demise is certain.” The wolf motioned towards the grisly remnants of previous victims. “We will gear you up, and you will fight. And you will kill.”

Dapper Swain struggled to keep his ogling to a minimum, the situation was very disconcerting! A bloodied photo was passed towards him- the last victim? No... the next. The one he was expected to assassinate. He was expected to assassinate his own superior. The weasel king himself. He panicked, sweating profusely underneath the torn fancy suit of his. The swain was egged on by greedy, hungry gazes. He stared into the ensemble of ragged antropomorphs; and their yellow grins stared back at him. What would he have to resort to escape from a pack of rabid hybrids? He was going to die.

A weapon was handed to Dapper Swain, except it didn’t look like one at first. It was unusual, electric, and alive; and in the heat of the moment he didn’t quite know what to say about it.

“We’re at war.”


An ear-splitting war cry pierced the air. The revving up of a heavy, mechanical minigun followed suit. It wasn’t long before Spy was backing up against the wall, quaking with fear, not even reaching for his MAGNUM. Pyro was the first to see it, laying against the floor in clear sight of the corner. He too released a muffled cry, before scrambling to his feet. Engineer was already collecting his fallen machinery, and Medic was shocked into moving back. Whatever it was, Sniper hadn’t the slightest idea. They had just taken out an entire BLU squadron from within their own base, how was whatever round the corner was making the RED unit flip out so much?

Sniper squinted through his dark shades, noticing the shadow emerge round the corner. It was a heinous, bulging shadow. And it didn’t look quite right. Pyro and Medic had already fled back to Engineer, as did Spy, but when Sniper tried to retreat, he too saw it. He also half-smelt it, standing on the path in between Sniper himself and his comrades was a grotesque figure.

It was burly, cybernetic, and Russian. Skin bulged off it in rolls, hanging loosely over its steel exoskeleton. A smell filled the air; an awful smell, charred skin and oil. Whirring motors were heard with every advancing, shattering step. It was advancing towards Sniper. Two small, blank screens for eyes stared with a white rage through the broad, furrowing brow of the thing. Its robotic maw dropped and its reverberating scream of death beat down on Sniper.

The assassin began formulating a shaky plan of sorts, but if he timed it right he could probably oh god what— Sniper had been backing up all the while before, when he hit what was once before a wall, was now empty space. He was tumbling backwards now, down into empty space, screaming, tumbling, flailing—


Jake hastily drew his M9 from his pistolKind specibus, which he liked to name his blazer pocket. Yes, he’d promised himself he’d only use it in dire situations. The situation as of now was way past dire. Daniel gave one last smirk to the adversary, before whipping out a SPELL CARD for each hand; ready to use at a moment’s notice. Even Jess, who’d wiped out most of the weasels without a weapon thus far, adorned his POP-O-MATIC HAMMER OF VRILLYHOO. He reckoned he might need it for this fight.

The opponent watched with glowing weasel eyes all the while. His fur, now a shocking pale blue and rippling with chakra, seemed to gravitate upwards. The weasel was but a small vessel – energies glowed and danced around him as he rose above the party. And it wasn’t done yet. It seemed to be... charging almost. The weasel was charging for a much bigger, much more epic phase which was kind of predictable and had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that all the plot threads were being quickly wrapped up. Suddenly the guys have an impulse to pose as a team, because sh*t just got real.

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Nickname: Tails
Gender: Female; Personality: Timid
Ability: ~Synchronize~, Holding: Oran Berry
Happiness: 250, Level: 14; Experience: 12.5/14
Tail Whip
Shadow Ball
Sand Attack

Nickname: Toxin
Gender: Male, Personality: Timid
Ability: ~Poison Point~, ~Rivalry~ Holding: Rawst Berry
Happiness: 210, Level: 15, Experience: 8/15
Double Kick
Focus Energy
Poison Sting

 Nickname: N/A
 Gender: Male, Personality: Brave
 Ability: ~Battle Armour~, ~Sniper~, Holding: N/A
 Happiness: 80, Level: 5, Experience: 0/5
Poison Sting

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