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Carmen "Karma" Tomson

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Author Topic: Carmen "Karma" Tomson  (Read 58 times)

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« on: August 13, 2011, 02:00:35 am »

Character Name: Carmen "Karma" Tomson
Starting Region: Johto
Trainer Class: Trainer
Starter Pokemon: Eevee
Starter Nickname: Cosine
Starter Gender: Male
Role Play Example: This is from a PRP on another site. I’m lazy okay? It’s basically about these ‘humans’ who discover when they turn 14 that they’re actually Pokemon, and legendaries at that. And while they’d be happy just to be legends, of course some evil team has to come along and start killing things.

After the explosion, Nova and Lucio parted ways, with him heading away, straight into the base. However, Nova didn’t quite feel like she was done with the outside of the base just yet. Reshiram flew down, his feet just skimming the ground. Seeing him approaching, Nova started running. For a moment, Nova was ahead, but then she ran up a truck, lying on it’s side, and jumped onto his back. With his student safely, on his back, he soared upwards into the sky, circling high up above the base.

“It would be a good idea to attack from the sky, Nova.” He said, his blue eyes fierce. “We can inflict a huge amount of damage from up here, and remain out of reach. You’ll have to throw fire from my back though.”

The Child of Heat grinned, showing her pointed teeth. “That’s what you think.”

On his back, she effortlessly spun around in a fiery dance for a few moments, before her mane extended back down her back, and turned into wings. With them blazing, she took to the skies, hovering just beside Reshiram. He looked at her wings in approval.

Then, they both dived. Reshiram opened his mouth, and blew out a huge fiery star that set fire to a few trees near where a few Grunts were standing. They fled, screaming. Nova was ready for them though. She smashed into the ground, punching it with her fist. A few metres away from her, where the grunts were, came a loud rumble, before the earth underneath them erupted, throwing lava and rocks everywhere. She threw up a protect around her for a second, before returning to the sky, fleeing from the attacks of a Zebstrika.

Reshiram came out of nowhere behind the grunt and his Pokemon, using crunch around his head. With it’s trainer dead, Reshiram said a few words to it, then it fled from the hellish scene.

And so they continued to bomb the base in this fashion. The Vast White Pokemon often used Ancientpower and Draco Meteor to make huge holes in the roof. Some of Nova’s favourites were Searing Shot, Protect, Flash Cannon and Blast Burn for some serious firepower.

After incinerating another truck, a grunt and her Starmie appeared. Swearing, Nova turned to flee from it, but was struck in the back by a huge torrent of water; probably Hydro Pump. Her wings were instantly extinguished, and she fell from the sky.

“Reshiram!” She screamed as she fell towards the base.

Her mentor trying to reach her, but was forced backwards by another Hydro Pump. The Child of Heat fell through a small hole in the roof – probably made by Ancient Power. She hit the ground hard, and heard something in her wrist crack as she threw them out instinctively to protect herself.

Dragging herself off the ground, Nova studied herself, wincing. She was soaking wet, and felt barely alive. That was one super powerful water type attack. She tried to create a ball of fire above her hands, but nothing happened. The water had quenched her inner flames so much that she couldn’t make fire. She was just to wet. Nova started to freak out. Until she dried out, the TM moves were the only ones she could use.

Ignoring the pain in her wrist as best she could, she started hurrying through the base as quietly as she could, trying to find one of her siblings. She knew Reshiram would have been too preoccupied with the various Pokemon and Grunts to try and find her. So she’d have to get herself out of here somehow.

After sneaking through the shadows for a while, something smacked her in the face. Using her good hand, she picked it up. It was from the Tome, with the single word ‘Retreat’ on it. Nova crumpled it in her hand as it tightened into a fist. Something had happened to Violet. She was, after all, the one who held the Tome. The other’s must have been getting the same message too. And it would have been stupid for one of them to remain behind while the rest of them received such a request. She picked up her pace.

The hallways seemed to go on forever, and as she walked, a sense of hopelessness overcame Nova. Would she be doomed to wander these cursed hallways until the day she died? The base was so big, and having grown up in a house with two rooms, this place seemed like it went on for infinity. She walked through a doorway, and saw something that looked like… Celebi?

She ran up to the small green fairy, and touched her gently. “Celebi?” She asked, her voice urgent. “Can you hear me?”

Her eyes opened, she looked up at Nova with a sense of hatred. She leapt upwards, and attacked Nova somehow with what appeared to be… Night Slash? The non existence claws cut the side of Nova’s face, and blood dripped down her face, while the cut itself glowed with heat.

Enraged at the sudden betrayal, she formed a small ball of flashing, liquid steel and hurled it at Celebi. Then, the strangest thing happened. Celebi’s form flickered for a moment, then changed completely, revealing itself to be a grey, wolf like humanoid, with a long red mane, greeny blue eyes, red claws and a sinister smile. She’d never seen a Pokemon like this before.

From behind her came a low chuckle. She spun around, a small snarl painting her face. There were five of them, Chaos Grunts, and all of them looked incredibly amused.

“You’ve never seen a Zoroark before have you now girly?” The leader of them laughed. “It’s ability lets it assume the appearance of another Pokemon, much like a Ditto, only the illusion wears off when it is attacked. While it has it’s drawbacks, it worked in luring you into here didn’t it? We guard the only exit.”

Nova balled her hands into fists, and hissed like a cornered wolf. Her eyes flicked around the room, searching for an exit. Upon finding none, she drew herself up as high as she could, much to the amusement of the Grunts. They released some of their Pokemon: Bronzong, Crustle, Froslass, Houndoom.

“Houndoom, Flamethrower!” A young looking one exclaimed.

Nova’s eyes lit up, and instead of jumping out of the way of the flames, she leapt into them and breathed a sigh of relief as it dried the remaining water from her body, and soothed her throbbing wrist. When the Houndoom figured it’s mistake, it closed it’s jaws, leaving Nova standing there, looking confident.

“You idiot!” The oldest one snarled, before ordering her Pokemon. “Stealth Rock!”

It hurled a bunch of rocks out of nowhere to float around Nova, their pointed edges pointing her way. In a normal battle, this would inflict damage on anyone who switched in. Nova had the feeling that it would restrict her movement. She glared at the Crustle, before raising her hands. A beautiful, rainbow coloured flame appeared in her hands, and then she hurled it at the Stone Home Pokemon. It exploded around him, and it cried out in pain. When the sacred flames disappeared, it was badly burnt, but still standing. Nova was impressed. But burns still remained on it’s body, and she figured it wouldn’t be standing for much longer.

“Water Pulse Frostlass! She’s a fire type!”

“Rain Dance should lower her power Bronzong. Then follow through with Psychic!”

The Frostlass moved first, and Nova threw up her protective shield. The water just bounced harmlessly off it. Then it started raining somehow, inside. Nova giggled. She’d never seen that before. She formed a ball of light in her hand, and hurled it up at the roof, and somehow the sunlight increased. Inside. Sometimes, Pokemon moves make no sense.

A pressure formed on her body, lightly at first, but then it crushed the body. It had her so much, that she couldn’t even open her mouth to howl. Eventually, the psychic left her, and she trembled. Nova breathed out towards the Pokemon, her hot breath causing both grunts and Pokemon severe discomfort, especially the Frostlass, which the Heat Wave was super effective on. The Crustle gave out a pained cry, before falling down, passed out. Worried, the grunt withdrew his Pokemon, then turned and fled. It seemed to enrage the others even more.

“Hyper Beam!”

“Sludge Bomb!”

“Shadow Ball!”

“Aerial Ace!”

All four of the Pokemon threw themselves at her at once. Or rather, only the Zoroark did, seeing as it was the only one who was using a physical attack. It came first, flinching slightly as it hit the pointed rocks. It slashed her with glowing light blue claws, as she lashed out with a powerful kick, lanced with flames. She followed through with a flaming punch, knocking it away from her. She’d learned a thing or two off watching Chuck.

The Shadow Ball smashed her right in the face, making her stagger backwards, and was then drenched by the poison that covered her body. It burned really, made her want to howl in pain. She leapt upwards at the last moment though, flipping over the floating stones and missing the Hyper Beam completely. Now, it was completely defenceless. She charged at it, fire covering her whole body and knocked it two the ground. The ghostly ice type didn’t get up again.

Once again, the three remaining Pokemon attacked. This time, the Houndoom was first. It disappeared completely for a moment, before appearing out of nowhere and raking his claws across her arm. In that moment of contact, Nova ran a small charge over her whole body, paralysing the Hell Hound. The Zoroark leapt forwards, sweeping with its foot. It knocked Nova over, and she tumbled to the ground. The Illision Fox Pokemon raised it’s claws for the final blow, smiling savagely.

“Say goodbye now, you freak.”

A maelstrom of fire appeared around it, and it screamed in pain as the fire storm howled through the room. When it subsided, the Zoroark was knocked down on the ground, it’s eyes glazed. It’s owner withdrew it, then fled, along with the Houndoom, and two other Grunts, leaving the Bronzong and it’s trainer there. She blew a huge flame towards it, and it chimed in protest. The grunt could now clearly see that he only had one choice; run.

Or that was what Nova had thought.

Instead, at the word of it’s trainer, the Bronze Bell Pokemon exploded. Nova howled, along with the grunt who’d for some reason decided to kill himself rather than flee. She was hit in the head by something, and darkness closed in.
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