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Purity Forest // Bulletin Board

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Author Topic: Purity Forest // Bulletin Board  (Read 45 times)
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« on: January 04, 2011, 03:48:58 pm »


The Shadow Snover
This quest will require quite a bit of RP'ing. As such, the reward will be higher. Ok, we've been hearing reports of a wierd "black" Snover causing trouble around Viridian City, attacking other Pokemon, and generally being evil. However, it only seems to attack once in a while, in a pattern. You may need to do a bit of talking around Viridian City to have any hope of finding it.
REWARD: 5 TrueSkill Points, [x3], Sitrus Berry [x1]
Vacancy: COMPLETED - Aura

[No picture XP]
The secret of Route 1!
Rumors have been spread around Purity Forest of the 'secret' buried somewhere in Route 1! Gasp, whatever could it be? Go to Route 1 and figure out the secret!
Reward - 4 TrueSkill points, whatever the 'secret' is, [x2]
Vacancy: COMPLETED - Nicola

The Example! -
This is just a basic "find and eliminate" quest. Basic quest, basic reward. Unless of course, you want to catch it... Ok, a Shadow Lotad has been spotted on Route 1. Go find it, and destroy it.
REWARD: 4 TrueSkill Points
Vacancy: COMPLETED - Nicola and Jake

Tyrogue Trouble
The "Cloud" seems to have spread its vile evil across the whole south of Kanto now - as a young, poor Tyrogue escaped the Dojo in Saffron City and became enveloped in hatred for it's master; fueled with this anger, it was easy prey for the Shadows... It seems to have taken itself to Route 22 for a unknown reason. Would this be a link to Indigo Plateau..?
REWARD: 5 TrueSkill Points, [x3]
Vacancy: TAKEN

[No picture XP]
Propoganda Rivalary!
For some unknown reason, a blind new organization has cropped up and have vowed Purity Forest to be nothing but a myth. They do not support the "Cloud" particularly, however, they disagree with our reasoning and have spread filthy lies about us in Propoganda around Pewter City. This mission must be completed to the highest standard - a higher bonus will be given, of course.
Reward -
- Removing Propoganda posters, [x1]
- Removing newspapers from letterboxes and/or shop shelves, 1 TrueSkill point
- Stopping the press from printing newspapers, [x4]
- Producing a Campaign promoting the ethics of Purity Forest, 4 TrueSkill points
8 TrueSkill points, [x2]
Vacancy: TAKEN
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Nickname: Tails
Gender: Female; Personality: Timid
Ability: ~Synchronize~, Holding: Oran Berry
Happiness: 250, Level: 14; Experience: 12.5/14
Tail Whip
Shadow Ball
Sand Attack

Nickname: Toxin
Gender: Male, Personality: Timid
Ability: ~Poison Point~, ~Rivalry~ Holding: Rawst Berry
Happiness: 210, Level: 15, Experience: 8/15
Double Kick
Focus Energy
Poison Sting

 Nickname: N/A
 Gender: Male, Personality: Brave
 Ability: ~Battle Armour~, ~Sniper~, Holding: N/A
 Happiness: 80, Level: 5, Experience: 0/5
Poison Sting

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