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Legend of Phoenix

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Author Topic: Legend of Phoenix  (Read 52 times)
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« on: May 17, 2010, 07:18:25 pm »

The Beginning

Many lands told the tale of a Legendary creature called a Phoenix. This Legendary creature was a giant bird of the fire Element. In all of the stories that the Phoenix was told in, it had the same Life-Cycle. It could live for EXACTLY 1000 years and would suddenly die in a burst of fire. The next Phoenix would then be born from its ashes only minutes later. During those few minutes, the whole world would be completely out of balance. In one instance in ancient times, a random Meteor flew straight into the Earth, causing a ripple in time that eventually killed all of the Dinosaurs...

The Phoenix could also transform and hide among the Human race in different forms, most of the time, as a Male Human who had Long White hair, Auburn colored eyes, with White clothing.

One dayin the ancient times of Europe, as this man walked the streets, he did something that he didn't believe was possible. He fell in love with the most Gorgeous Lady in London. She was a poor woman with Long, Flowing Red hair and bright blue eyes. Her clothes consisted of a hand-made dress out of various materials. On her head was a Silk Cloth that held her hair back from her face. She looked back at him and they stood there, eye-to-eye across a big pathway.

From that day forward, the Phoenix went to this Lady every day in the form of that man. As things progressed, The man and the woman really got to know each other. The man even told the woman what he actually was. When she wouldn't believe him, he showed her the truth. Then one day, the time had come for the Phoenix to die. This started a terrible disease in Europe that caused an eventual ripple effect to kill many people in Europe.

The woman never got to see the Phoenix again. Six Months after his departure, a Baby Girl was born in the Month of September. The Woman, missing her love so much, named the girl Phoenix.

Phoenix Eternita had long, Firey-Red hair with Bright Blue eyes. As she grew up, she slowly learned of her power over fire. She kept this a secret from her mom for the longest time. Then, one day at the age of 12, a freak accident caused Phoenix to transform into the shape of a bird. She was 12 feet in length and had a Wingspan of 26 feet. Although, during Transformation, the combustion in the room caused a big explosion, destroying her whole house and even killing her Mother.

Phoenix quickly fled the scene and found herself up in the Mountains of Europe days later, where she turned back into a Human. Tears flooded her face as she walked across the Mountain looking for Shelter. Eventually, she stumbled across a Cottage with Smoke coming out of the Chimney. There was the scent of Cherry Pie on the air as she drew closer. When she got to the door, it was thrust open as an old-looking lady stood in the doorway. She ushered Phoenix in and offered her some pie.

After a few hours of sitting down quietly, the lady asked, "So where are you running from?"

"Me? How'd you know I was running away?" Phoenix replied. The lady was looking through a book.

"I can see it in your face. You want to run away and be someplace where you can't do harm. It's almost like you want to... Fly." Phoenix looked at the old woman with Shock. It was like she knew, but how? was her question. She didn't say anything and just kept looking around the Cottage. Suddenly, she noticed a Cloudy Glass Ball on a stand in the corner. Phoenix didn't know what it was and got up to look at it closer. The old woman said, "It's called a Crystal Ball. It can let you see into the past and present on anything that goes on in this dimension."

The old woman then walked up beside Phoenix and waved her hand over the ball. In the ball, Phoenix saw the scene of a house. In moments of the house appearing, it Exploded with great force. The force projected many Bricks into nearby houses, breaking windows and rooftops. Just before the picture faded away, a Bird rose from the ruins and quickly flew away.

"So, that's how you know. You know who I am..."

"There's more that you don't know young one. Your Father is actually a Mythical creature called a Phoenix. You were named after him..." The old lady said. Phoenix stared in awe as she continued. "The Phoenix can live for 1000 years at a time and it is reborn from its ashes when it dies."

"So wait, When he dies, he burns?" Phoenix asked with curiosity. She wanted to know all that there needed to be known.

"Yes." The woman said. Following afterwards was a long awkward silence. She finally broke the silence by saying, "I can help you flee if you would like. It's a Trans-dimensional power that I can cast into your soul. It will allow you to transport freely between the dimensions to wherever you want."

This slightly intrigued Phoenix. "So, what your saying is that I could go wherever I want?"

"Yes. But I need you to help me collect some of the things. With your flying, we could find them in no time at all. So Will you help me?"

Phoenix thought about it for a few minutes and finally said, "Yes. I'll help you. What things do you need and where can I find them..."
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