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PJO's Very First Light RP

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Author Topic: PJO's Very First Light RP  (Read 240 times)

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« on: April 06, 2010, 09:39:15 pm »

PJO's very first Light RP ever! I tried to color-code it so that it'd be less confusing, but I'm not entirely sure that they're totally accurate, as I didn't initially label who was who.

In order of introduction into the RP:
Light Blue= Kikari

I sighed, looking on at my parents as they argued. "No way! That'll never work!" "What's so good about YOUR idea, then?" Shaking my head, I headed outside. The room was starting to get a little uncomfortable for me. My mom noticed me leaving. "Cara, wait..." I turned. "I'm just getting fresh air." Yeah, right. Like mom would buy into that story. But to my surprise, she nodded. "Okay, then." The arguement resumed. I shut the glass door to the patio and headed to a place where my parents wouldn't see me, then pried the loose floorboard from the floor of the patio and took out my backpack stowed beneath it. Releasing my pikachu, Static, I put the floorboard back. "Let's go." I swung myself over the rail and ran off to the woods. I was starting my adventure and my parents didn't even know. This was just the way I wanted things.

"NO! DON'T!" My freind Kory continued poking the Beedrill nest. A faint buzzing came from the huge hive. A beedrill went right for Kory. "TOLD YOU!" I yelled at him, throwing him a repel. We both ran to Our houses. It was about 3 in the morning. I fell asleep standing. "Mira! What are you doing on the floor?!" My Raltz asked me telapahticly. "I saw Kory going for the nest with a stick. I fell asleep here" I muttered, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. "Well get up! We have to go! Adventure! Remember?" Ratila Said. (Ratila is my raltz) I grabbed my pack, sling it over my sholder returened my Raltz and set off. My parents were in town. They didn't know a bit.

The sun shone radiantly down upon the lush, green earth. The songs of birds filled the sky, creating symphony upon symphony. It was a beautiful spring day, and flowers of all the colors bloomed along the vegetation. The pocket monsters of the land went about their daily business of playing, eating, and sleeping. In the midst of all this, however, a man laid down in the grass.
He was a tall, tanned man. He was relatively muscular, and a forest of short, black hair took residence on his head. The man was lazing around in the forest, skimping on his duties as usual.
" 'Go clean the yard and make sure the Tauros are fed!' Pff, yeah right. If Rose wants the chores done so badly, she can do them herself," the man mumbled to himself, before dosing off. However, he had no idea of his impending guests...

I trooped along through the woods, every now and then glancing around to make sure I wasn't being followed. My ears were listening for any sounds indicating signs of life nearby, and I heard a noise. Buzzing. And it was close. I looked behind me to see angry beedrill coming at me and to find nests all around. Apparently, I had invaded these guys' nesting place. "Aww, great!" I murmured as I began to run. Where to? Anywhere but there. My legs picked up speed and I saw a light coming through the trees. The forest was ending already? I saw, as I kept running, the forest wasn't ending, but I was now in a large clearing. My legs were starting to tire and the buzzing pokemon had caught up, coming at me with their drills and attacking. "Shoo! SHOO!" I swatted at the enormous bug pokemon with clenched fists, batting at them with all my might. I reached for Static's pokeball, but a beedrill knocked it out of my hand and I couldn't reach it. "HELP! ANYBODY!"

Ratila Had wanted out of her pokeball as usuall. I let her out a few minutes before We heard a loud scream. "HELP!ANYBODY!" A loud buzzing was coming from that direction. "Did Kory come out THIS far?" Ratila joked. I sprayed a repel on and plunged into the woods.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a pokeball hit the ground in front of you, and a Mightyena jumped out! A young girl ran out of the woods after it, a scowl on her face.
"I'll hold them off, run like hell! Jaws, use roar!" She shouted over the buzzing of the beedrill. As an afterthought, she threw another pokeball, and a Seviper slithered out of it. The Seviper needed no orders, however, and promptly wrapped itself around Beedrill. The beedrill cried out, and Jaws used crunch without warning. The beedrill passed out, and Seviper dropped it before coming back to its trainer.
"Good job, you two. I'll let anuone who wants to catch this little fella" Rebecca muttered.

It was getting dark while I was walking through the forest, Charmander at my side. I kept looking at my watch waiting for the right time. Then I heard someone running through the trees, along with some buzzing. I saw a girl run by, and then Beedrill buzzed by at a tremendous speed. Only a couple seconds go by when I heard, "HELP! ANYBODY!"
"Great. Come on Charmander!" I ran towards what was going on. When I saw the clearing I saw a pokeball by my feet. I picked it up and sent out the Pikachu within. Then I saw two other people coming from all directions.

I looked up to see a girl that had come to my rescue. "I'll hold them off! Run!" "I have to get Static's pokeball first!" I dove and tried grab the pokeball, only to find someone had picked it up and released Static. "Hey!' I snatched the pokeball then started running, only to trip over a man that had been sleeping on the ground. "Ahh!" I cried as I fell to the ground. I looked at the man. "What're you doing here dozing off and tripping fleeing people?! We have to run!"

Ratila and I pushed into a clearing. Beedrill swarmed all around. "Looks like a challange..." Ratila Said. We were Up for the fight. "Ratila! Use phsycic!" One of the beedrill slammed into a tree. There was another girl there, too.

Sieg was waken up with quite a jolt. A young girl had tripped over him, catching her foot on his stomach. The young man leapt up quickly, roaring at the top of his lungs.
"HEY! What's the big idea, interrupting a man's nap like that?!"
The sound of a heavy buzzing set in around the two, and Sieg looked over to see a massive Beedrill angrily hovering over to them. The girl was obviously endangered by the beast, and he had to help her somehow after obstructing her.
"Oh! Oh, didn't notice the Beedrill. Let me make it up to you. I'm a real expert when it comes to rescuing damsels in distress, you see."
Sieg hammed it up as the Beedrill drew closer.

I quickly disappeared into the woods again running after the girl who fleed. "Charmander this is a good time to try and take that Pikachu of hers." I whispered. I took off my coat to reveal the D on my chest. (Team Dragonic) I chased her to the point where she tripped over a man. I paused to see what would happen next.

Rebecca snorted at the people who were holding each other up, and strode up to the beedrill to examine it.
"Hmmmmm... Quite big... Bright eyes... Strong limbs... Sounds like a good specimen of Beedrill to me. I might catch it, unless anyone else want to?" Rebecca spoke rather loudly, honetly hoping she could catch it.

I had been stung quite a few times as well as Ratila... We both panted struggling agenst the posion.

While hiding behind the bushes, I heard someone say "Hmmmmm... Quite big... Bright eyes... Strong limbs... Sounds like a good specimen of Beedrill to me. I might catch it, unless anyone else want to?"
I thought to myself, man I wish I could but I might lose the chase for this Pikachu.

I looked at the gathering of people who had come to help me... wow, that was alot of people. "Might as well join in beating the beedrill. Static, go! Use your thunderbolt!" Static unleashed a powerful thunderbolt on the beedrill, knocking out quite a few.

Out of the corner of her eye, Rebecca noticed a big D. A big, green D too. Weird.
"Jaws, use odor sleuth to find out what that is. And Seviper, use poison tail on the beedril!" She shouted, and Seviper slither quickly over. The big snake managed to hit beedrill on its wing with poison tail, knocking it to the ground and unable to fly.
Jaws put his nose to the ground, and caught the scent of the big green D. He followed the scent, interested.

I fell unable to stand. I was a fool to not have antadote here... I thought. "Ratila use phycic..." I muttered.

"Oh Crud, Charmander, Use Metal claw on that incoming Mightyena." I whispered. I quickly ran to another bush and thought that I might now be in trouble with all them people gathered up. I tried to think up a plan. I got it! I opened up my backpack to reveal another pokemon. I sent it out. "Jigglypuff, use Sing to put everyone to sleep."

I looked around to see one of my rescuers on the ground. Poisoned, probably.. Luckily, I had brought an antidote and sprayed it on the girl. "Better?"

I then covered my ears as Jigglypuff walked to the center of the mess going on.

Rebecca left Seviper to wrap Beedrill, and ran to the girl that fell over. She kneeled down, and offered an antidote.
"Not very smart to forget an antidote, ma'am," She said with a grin, and noticed the big, green D belonged to a man. Jaws was getting closer and closer. Now what did that D remind her of... Oh, yeah. That dumb motto. Jessie, James, yeah. But he was heading for static. You could almost see the answer appear in her mind. "Jaws, use crunch on that charmander!" She cried, pointing dramatically at the duo.

I heard some fain singing coming from behind me and turned to see a Jigglypuff walking into the middle of the mess, sining along the way. Uh-oh... I tried to plug my ears, but the singing got louder and louder. My eyelids began to droop. I bit my lip. Must... Stay... Awake... I looked up to see a guy with a green D on his shirt and a smirk on his face. I could tell he was evil... I tried to resist, but my eyes closed and I fell deep asleep.

"Yes Thank you..." I was still weak, but I stood up Pain shot through me... I heard a beutiful note, Like singging... I thought I was dieing for a momment. But...no...Is that? Jiggilypuff?! A girl walked up and offered me an antadote. I didn't need it, But Ratila did. I sprayed it on ratila Just in time...I fell asleep, The note filling my ears. I had trained Ratila To block out anything distracting. Which meant... Ratila stayed awake. She watched the Odd man walk to the middle...

I left the team galactic base and i heard alot of voices in 1 direction. I went the other way, my elekid beside me now when we ran and hit a trainer with a D on his chest and the colission sent my jacket flying, revealing the G on my uniform.

A song reached her ears, and Rebecca quickly turned on the spot. A Jigglypuff? Oh, man, that guy has gotta be team rocket. She swayed on the spot, and looked for an escape from the sound. "Seviper! Jaws! Jump into the lake, and keep your heads down!" She cried, before leaping in herself. Seviper and Jaws ran for the water, but only Jaws managed to get there in time. The water stopped the song long enough for her to place earmuffs on her head, and Jaws plugged his ears with mud.

As everyone fell asleep, I said "Thats enough Jigglypuff." I then unplugged my ears and started to take all the pokemon into pokeballs and then into a bag. I then noticed one pokemon still awake. "Jigglypuff use pound on that pokemon!" I turned around and saw one person managed to stay awake with their pokemon. "Dang it. Go Dratini, use Wrap and a Thunder wave on that pokemon."

They both climbed from the water, and Jaws snarled at the jigglypuff before using roar. The Roar cut through the song, and sounded so frightening Rebecca almost ran for it. Poor Seviper was completely gone, and Rebecca held out a pokeball for it to return.
Jaws was wrapped by Dratini, but quickly used roar right in its face then used crunch on its tail.

Ratila dodged and used Phycic to lift Jiggaly puff into the air. She sent it back on the trainer, Knocking him over.

When i got up, I saw the battle and I saw a ledyba, too. I said, “Eh, why not? Elekid, use thundershock on the ledyba!” ZAP! The move hit right on. “Go, pokeball! Yes! Alright, elekid, use a full power tundershock and make it your widest hit ever!”

"Now quick Dratini, use Extremespeed." I was definitely grateful that I trained my Pokemon to never run from anything, no matter how frightening. "Volcan will be pleased when I bring him all these pokemon."
I then got knocked over by my own Jigglypuff?! I noticed the other pokemon and sent my Charmander at it. "Charmander, do what you do best!" Charmander went directly for it with a Flamethrower coming out fast.

Ratila Collapsed, Her strenth drained.

I calmly went over to pick that pokemon up too. Then I heard some electricity brewing. I looked over and saw a very familiar Team Galactic persona. "Not you again." I sent Charmander straight towards his Elekid.

I felt Ratila's Fear...We had a Very close mental connection. I thrashed about, Unable to wake up.

“You again,” I growled, “Elekid, it’s that charmander that beat you! Hit him hard! Now, use a full power quick attack and go straight into a thundershock, full power!”

Rebecca threw her last pokeball, which hit teh ground in the middle of the clearing. It opened with a flash of light, and the light shaped and coloured itself to be a Misdreavus.
"Misdreavus, use Perish song!" Rebecca cried, covering her already covered ears and covering Jaw's ears as well. Misdreavus was her trump card, but it was a pity EVERYONE's pokemon would be perish songed.

I saw the Charmanders attack and the Elekids attacks collide, knocking both pokemon out. "What?!? How could that happen?" I returned my Charmander. My only pokemon left was in battle and that was Dratini. "Just go away, I'm busy here." I picked up the last fallen pokemon as someone was stirring. I then saw a Misdreavus come out of a pokeball. "Not again!" I quickly covered my ears and got ready to 'blast off' after the perish song.

I struggled awake. I covered my ears, Heading for a man with many pokeballs...And pokemon.

I jumped in the water before the attack started, and got Elekid into its pokeball.

Misdreavus sang long and loud, getting hurt by her own song, but fainting all pokemon that heard it.
"Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis Drrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Vuuuuuuuuuuusssssss"
Rebecca was glad she and jaws would be safe, and was angry at the thieves for trying to steal other people's Pokemon.
"Jaws, use crunch on all of those people, and then use Odor Sleuth if they try to get away so we can follow them!" She yelled into his fur, and he could tell what she was saying because of the vibrations in his fur.
He Leapt forward, and crucnhed down on Volcan's ankle.

I stopped short. A pokemon had a hold of The man...

“Go ledyba!” I shouted, throwing a pokeball. “Get that misdreavus and the pokeball with the pikachu in it, and bring it back here!”
I saw everything go downhill for me, then the perish song started. Someone woke up and was running towards me. I just threw her the bag of pokeballs and sat down waiting to 'blast off'. Then a Mightyena bit my ankle, I suggested, "just use Shadow ball or something like that so I can fly away!"

Rebecca let out Seviper, who sprawled out on teh ground. Rebecca sprayed an Awakening on him, and Seviper woke up about a second afterwards. It hissed furiously, staring at the two team members.
"Seviper, use poison fang on them!” Rebecca practically screamed, throwing rocks at them for some reason.
Mightyena managed to grab Static, and ran back to Rebecca with him before crunching on the bag that held all of the pokemon, growling fiercely. Misdreavus blasted Ledyba in the face with Perish song, and Ledyba fainted. Misdreavus continued with perish song.

The man threw the bag at me. I was stunned at first, but I quickly took the bag,Taking out the lovley green pokeball I thought I would never see again. I tryed to wake up the other people.

Jaws used Take Down on Volcan, and after the hit came back to use Roar in his face.
Seviper actually snarled, and bit down on Ledyba before slithering off with it ^^

"Just send me away I quit!" I yelled furiously at the trainer. "I know I can't win! Just make me do what Team Rocket does best. Just never forget that I will be back. And never forget the name Team Dragonic!"

I hugged the pokeball. A seviper came by and took the bag, but i knew it was trying to help. I let out ratila And hugged her. Ratila screeched with delight.

Rebecca noticed that still, the beedrill lay stunned in the middle of all the chaos. She threw a pokeball at it, and caught it.
"Beedrill, use pin missile on Volcan so he can go hurt himself on some ol' cliff!" Rebecca muttered, and Beedrill waited until Mightyena was out of the way before shooting pin missiles at Volcan.

I woke to find one of my rescuers shaking me, the girl who had been poisoned. "What happened?" I glimpsed a big green D and sat bolt upright. "You!" I woke up Static and yelled, "Static, use Thunderbolt on him, the most powerful you can muster!" Of course, I longed to get him myself, but I wasn't a pokemon, now was I? Static unleashed a more powerful thunderbolt than before, aiding a nearby beedrill's attack and he... went flying??

The Mightyena moved and I got hit hard with a pin missle and a Thunderbolt. It sent me flying somewhere safer. "Yeah!" I yelled as I flew away. I landed quite in the wierdest place. I looked around and realized it was outside my base. "Thank God." I walked in and used my stolen pokehealer from a pokecenter to heal my Charmander, Dratini, and Jigglypuff. "I'm glad thats over." I said as I dozed off.

Rebecca surveyed the battlefield before her, a crater where Volcan had once been. We should have taken his pokemon, she thought, and grimaced. Bloody Teams.
She gave awakenings and antidotes to her pokemon, with instructions to help everyone. Then she collapsed. She was only 13, after all.

I looked at the trainer sleeping on the ground and shrugged. "Eh, why not?" With that, I sat, leaning on a nearby rock, and fell asleep. This time, though, I didn't have to worry about Static being stolen. This time, I slept peacefully.
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