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Author Topic: Roots...  (Read 18 times)
The Forgotten One

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« on: March 28, 2010, 12:03:17 am »

  Among the ancients
  One girl, young and beautiful
  Was now preparing...

 Parte Uno: The First
  Capítulo Uno: Fire

 She sat alone in the woods, alone as usual, watching the life around her, the trees, all leaf and no pine. The sky an deep purple, as this was no regular world, of course your definition a regular world all depends on the world you come from. This wasn't even a world, this was a dimension. A dimension that only the Rutais' had discovered, now it was there home. The system of their hierarchy? So simply complicated it makes sense only after years of dedicated study. Simply: Elders > Tribes > Clans. In a way, the Elders has their set of rules which all must follow, The Tribes has their own set of rules which the clans that reside under their name must follow, and the Clans? They don't have rules. They obey the rules of their Elders and Tribe leaders. Elders are the eldest of the Rutai, and respected well. Tribes easily defined by their species combination , and each tribe usually has Human, or another proven sentient being in their combination, but others have come out fine without it. The Clans, you know your clan, as it is your last name. The Girl? Mirasuke of the Clan 'Mistoam' under the Tribe Fox-Human, commonly referred to as 'Kitsune'.

 Mirasuke, only a mere 230 years old, was still at a magical loss, still fairly young to even mentally grasp the rules of the Kitsune Tribe, let alone the Elder's laws. Yet, she understood both to a fair extent. She was lying down on the grass, listening to the wind rustle leaves around her. She felt it tickle her belly fur, and rustle her dress, a nice, frilly, purple-white polka-dot, one piece, which Mira loved. She felt the energy around her, so abundant, so near, yet so small, so far, and so elusive... Her dark fur had a few little streaks of very dark purple, it was barely visible against the rest of her fur. A bird landed near her, and her clawed hands reached out to stroke the top of its head, it let her, and she felt the energy from the bird mix with hers at the edge of her finger, a very nice feeling, and it squawked, and flew away. Yet Mira could still feel the energy from it dancing upon her fingertip, and she tried to force it away, it scared her, and she didn't like it any more... Her mind found it and forced it out of her fingertip, and back into the natural world, but without a vessel, and untamed, it blew out into the world, as strong heat, heat strong enough, mixing with the energy of the world it was now loose in, and became pure flame. A Purple Flame....

 Shall be continued~
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