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PJO lolfiction (Fall of the Journey)

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Author Topic: PJO lolfiction (Fall of the Journey)  (Read 61 times)

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« on: October 16, 2009, 08:18:02 pm »

(I found this among my ancient computer files and thought I ought to post it up-- this was originally written and posted by Zanny/Godot/Croix/Bonkutsu/Kaiji/Zetsubou, and I only claim the asterisks and the pressing of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to get it here. Enjoy~)

The boy crouched down at the scene of desolate glory, picking up a single, cracked placue. Running a hand through his short auburn hair, he smiled at the piece of marble in his hands. On its surface, written in faded, black letters, was a message of honor - smudged and clouded by ages of decay, barely decipherable.


Looking up ahead, the boy noticed the large marble statue towering above him. The statue was made to look like a man of sorts, holding a cup of coffee. The head, however, was completely absent from the statue, making it unrecognizable. A good few meters further down the road, the boy saw other great statues, defaced and withered from time's relentless barrage.

People of note, I guess, the boy said softly to himself, putting the placue back where he found it. Just as the smooth marble met with the ground, the thundering, unmistakable noise of gunfire rang above the boy's ears, causing him to whip his body around to find its source. Right behind him, the startled boy saw a band of four disheleved children, clearly younger than he was.

The children wore looks of disdain and despair on their young faces as they gripped their rifles tightly. They each wore ragged clothing, sporting slack belts with pistols connected to them. Half of them wore cheap string necklaces with rifle clips dangling from their centers, a makeshift method of keeping extra ammunition. The group of kids stared at the boy, rifles trained at his head. After a few moments of tense silence, the apparent leader of the gang beckoned the rest to lower their weapons as he took a few steps towards the target.

"Put your guns down. Pretty-boy ain't armed," The ringleader child grunted to his subordinates with a distinct British accent. Moving towards the red-headed boy, the leader looked him in the eyes and spoke clearly. "I don't know who you are, or where you came from, but you'd better get moving. You're standing in the middle of Memorial Square, and Lord knows when the dragons'll come..."

"Dragons?" the lost boy asked, his eyes raising at the question. "Mythical creatures, here? Wh- Hey, who are you, anyway? Why are all these children armed?"

The armed boy sighed and placed a palm on his sweating forehead as his gang began to giggle. Strapping his rifle to his shoulder, the boy walked up to the newcomer and extended a hand. "Name's Joshua, but the blokes here call me Josh. I lead the Forest, a...guild, based on liberating the ruins of Journey. The Fallen One and the dragons have us under their thumb, and someone's gotta stand up to them," Joshua said, expecting a handshake. "Who're you, anyway?"

The startled boy returned the handshake, eyes widening as he listened to Joshua's explanation. After pausing for a brief moment, he gave his name. "Ray. Ray Walker," the boy said, loosening up with a half smile.

"Ray, huh? Alright, Ray. Tell you what. We'll take you i - "

"VOLCAN!!!!!!" The loud cry of alarm from one of the armed children cut Joshua off completely. Immediately responding to the impending threat, Joshua grabbed hold of Ray and rushed into the cover of one of the nearby ruined buildings, his squad following. Ray looked around in confusion until a piercing screech ripped through the sky. Terrified, the hapless boy looked into the sky.

Three large, flying lizards were tearing through the sky, flapping their great wings ominously. Each one was about the size of a modern jet fighter, giving off the impression that these were medium-sized dragons, if there was such a thing. Mounted on one of the dragons was a grinning, tall man with an exquisite green cape, black shirt, and fiery red hair. Two grunts rode at his flanks, donning black uniforms and riding caps. The dragon-riders flew through the sky with stunning speed and began to circle the ruined Memorial Square, sniffing about for prey.

"Fire! Fire! Fire!" Joshua yelled, and his squad instantly snapped into action. The children armed their rifles and fired a hail of bullets at the lead rider. A few bullets tore through the dragon's scaled wings, causing it to scream in pain and take a greater altitude, surprising its rider. The two grunts furiously honed in on the source of the gunfire, zipping towards the ruined building.

"It's Volcan's band of dragon-riders - the b******s terrorize the ruins of Journey, feeding any stragglers to their dragons. Hey! HEY! Jimmy! Hand me the Stinger, NOW!" Joshua half explained and half yelled at his teammate, beckoning his hand anxiously. The red-haired boy known as Jimmy nodded and produced a few long tubes and rockets from his backpack, assembling them as quickly as he could while the noise of gunfire polluted the air. In about twenty seconds, Jimmy had finished assembling the rocket launcher and hoisted it over to Joshua, holding its back steady.

"Alright, steady! Team, keep that covering fire down! Ray, take co - FIRE!" Joshua yelled as he aimed the rocket's scope straight at Volcan's dragon, locking onto the beast's heat signature. As he yelled his launching command, he squeezed the trigger of the massive weapon, sending a rocket propelling straight towards the winged reptile with horrifying speed. In an instant, the projectile collided with the dragon and detonated, causing a massive explosion of furious orange and passionate red. As the smoke cleared, the large lizard sailed down onto the ground below with a loud Thud!, its body crumbling to pieces on the Memorial's road. Volcan, seemingly unphased, picked himself up from the corpse and whistled a shrill call. Paying heed to the message, the other two dragon-riders swooped down, picked up their leader, and flew off into the horizon.

Joshua let out a sigh of relief and dropped the Stinger. Turning to Ray, he let out a half smile that penetrated the endless dust on his face.

"Let's bring you back to our place, yeah?"

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