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The Pain of Living

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Author Topic: The Pain of Living  (Read 56 times)

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« on: September 12, 2009, 07:12:19 am »

Third draft for this... lets see if I can make it to the end this time eh?

NOTE: I'll be replacing any swear words I use with the word 'splode' ok? Just thought  I'd let you know so it makes sense.

The pain of living – Draft 3


About 7 years ago, it was my 11th birthday. I wanted a Pokemon for my birthday. The Pokemon I wanted was an Eevee. I had it all planned out. It would be a girl, and I would call her Missy. Missy and I would be best friends. She would cheer me up when my parents couldn’t and she’d take care of those god damn splodes at school who constantly beat me up. And then we’d take the world by storm; Claire and Missy, the unstoppable. Every ribbon would be ours easily. No one hope to beat Missy’s beauty or strength. And we’d be happy. And rich. Mum and Dad would live in comfort, and so would we. And then Missy would evolve into a beautiful Espeon, and we’d be together forever, living the good life together.

Reality isn’t that kind.

When I opened the Pokeball, instead of my beautiful Eevee, a Buizel popped out, looking up angrily. I was so disappointed. I asked my parents where my Missy was. They looked at each other, and said that the Professor didn’t have any Eevees, so they’d gotten me a Buizel instead. A Buizel which had just destroyed our only table.

I remember running outside, unable to stop the tears from dripping out of my eyes. Where was my Missy? Did she know I existed? And that I wanted her? And did she want me? These questions whirled around my head as I ran to the river. I released that… thing… and told it to go away, and to never come back. The Buizel looked up at me, furious. He leapt up into the air and slapped me with his tails. I fell back, my nose bleeding. The blood stains in my old clothes are still there. Crying like a 3 year old, I sat on the river band, crying my heart out. Why me? Why did life continue to torment me? What did Arceus have against me?

I sat there, not noticing the dimming light and the growing chill, not till I started to shiver so violently that I came out from my shell. That was when I noticed the dark. I couldn’t see a thing with my weak human eyes. Everything was black. All I could hear was the sound of the rushing river. Smell… not going to even bother with that one… So, I stood up and took a cautious step forwards.

Suddenly, I was falling. Stupid me had forgotten that I was sitting at the edge of a river. So I tumbled into the freezing black liquid, thrashing around. In my head, I was screaming. My parents had never taken me to the local pool to have swimming lessons. I’d often wondered why, but I’d been too consumed with longing for Missy to care. So I steadily sunk into the water, my clothes weighing me down. My lungs were filled with pain. It had felt like they were going to explode from the lack of air. I kicked my legs frantically, trying to ignore the fact that I knew my time had come.

Something touched my arm, then clung on tightly. I faintly feel the water spinning, as if there was propeller down there. I could tell that I was going up, but not by much. My head was spinning. My vision broke out in red and yellow spots. Suddenly, I felt a torrent of water rush past my leg and my head broke the surface of the water. Air mercifully filled my lungs, filling me with the gift of life. Relief blossomed inside me. I was going to live.

My saviour dragged me slowly to the bank of the river. I was soaking wet, covered in dirt and algy. Soon, my feet could touch the dirt at the bottom of the river. The current’s power wasn’t as strong here.

A furry hand placed itself in mine leading me away from the river. The hand felt warm to my frozen body. It led me for a while. I couldn’t see a thing. I had to trust it completely, although it wasn’t the best guide. I crashed into unseen objects a few times.

Soon, a dull light reached my eyes. Two shadows blocked most of it.

“Well, what do we have here?” A male voice grunted.

“Vire!” A Pokemon exclaimed.

“Looks like a little girl and her baby Buizel went the wrong way.” The man’s voice teased. “Let’s help the lost girly shall we?”

My furry handed guide let out a small squeal and disappeared. I turned, trying to see it, but it was gone. A rough hand grabbed my waist, and hoisted me up. I let out a scream, flinging my limbs in all directions, trying to hit a soft spot. I might as well have tried to destroy a rock. My attacks did nothing, except hurt me instead. A crack whipped through the air, louder than my screams.

“VIRE!” A Pokemon screamed.

“ELECTVIRE!” That deep voice cried out and dropped me on the ground.

I quickly scrambled to my feet and turned to flee but stopped in my tracks. There, in front of me was a, no, MY Buizel. It grinned at me, then leapt forwards. He leapt up into the air and preformed a little twirl before creating a small gold star between two paws. The star grew larger and larger, until it explodes, and tonnes of little gold stars fly down towards the man who cried out and raised his hands, but it did nothing. The stars ripped through skin, clothing and tissue as if it was paper. I will never forget his scream, as long as I live. It chilled me to the bone, and before I knew it I had screamed at Buizel to stop it. Buizel looked up at me, holding the golden stars back with the force of his willpower.

“Leave him alone. Let’s go Buizel.”

Buizel nodded, seeming sad about the fact that he hadn’t finished the man off. He placed his paw in my hand, and led me home.

My parents had been freaking about my disappearance, and were relieved to see I was safe, if not a bit shaken by what had occurred. And one thing I had noticed while Buizel had let loose his swift attack on the man, was the grace and power he seemed to possess. So we started on training immediately.

None could stand in our way at school. The girls who had been teasing me paid dearly, Buizel made sure of that. Soon, I was the school champion coordinator. Using the money I’d won at school, me and my parents (along with Buizel of course) lived in comfort. When I was older, mum revealed to me why they’d never gotten me an Eevee. The professor had had a few Eevees, but they didn’t’ have the money to buy one. I didn’t mind. Buizel was far better than anything I could have imagined.

After I’d graduated, I decided to take a tour of Kanto, and to participate in any contests I came across. We soon gained a name and most contest ribbons were ours. Sometimes we didn’t win, but I didn’t mind. I was happy that I had Buizel, and that was all that mattered.

After spending a good six months travelling, Buizel and I returned home. We gave the money to my parents and they gave me a letter. It was inviting me to visit Hearthome City for the Wallace Cup. I happily agreed, and a few days later, Buizel and I were boarding a plane. And that is where all my troubles began…
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