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X-Men Fanfic. The adventures of Jake Dark and Nagasuki Megumi!

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Author Topic: X-Men Fanfic. The adventures of Jake Dark and Nagasuki Megumi!  (Read 105 times)
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« on: August 18, 2009, 03:23:45 pm »

Chapter 1
About a year ago a boy was walking down the street, he didn’t notice but there was a Sential Robot hiding in the corners, watching him.  The robot jumped out, and started chasing the young man. “Mutant Detected” the robot said. The boy’s eyes widened. “What?” He said. His eyes widened. The boy started to run. He turned into an alley, only to discover it was a dead end. “Oh no…” He mumbled. He turned around and threw his hands up. The robot was sent flying away. The boy’s name was Jake.

Chapter 2
Jake took off running. He shot out of the dead end, practically flying, He ran straight home. When he arrived, he opened the door, and ran upstairs. Once he got in his room, and sat on his bed. He looked at his hands. Nothing was on them. Jake moved his hand straight toward his metal trash can in the corner.  He locked his arm, and the trash can came closer. He pushed his arm closer towards the wall, and the trash can went closer to the wall. “Whoa.” Jake looked at his metal desk. He pointed his arm in the direction of the desk, and locked his arm. The desk scooted across the dark black carpet. Jake pushed his arm farther, and the desk went to its original place. Jake’s eyes widened again. “So I am a mutant…” He trailed off.
“JAKE, TIME FOR DINNER!” Jake’s mother called from the bottom of the stair way.
Jake walked out of his room, and slid down the rail, to the bottom stair. He walked through the hallway, and into the dining room. He sat down in his chair, where there was a plate of food. His mother sat nest to him, and his father was next to her. On the other side sat Jake’s sister. “How was your day, Jake?” His mom asked him. “Very weird.” He said taking a drink of his tea. His Mom quirked an eyebrow. “I was walking back from the mall today, and, well, A Sentinel Robot was chasing me, saying I was a mutant…” Jake trailed off. His Mother’s mouth dropped, not as far as his Father’s did. Or his Sister’s, for that matter. His Mother was furious. “JAKE DARK!” She shouted, and slapped him upside the head. “NEVER SAY THAT!” She shouted. Jake gave her an evil glare. He jumped up, and threw his hands up. He locked them. All of the silverware shot up, and floated in the air. He pointed his arms towards the walls, and all the silverware flew through the air, and into the wall. “OUT!” His Mom and Father shouted at the same time, pointing to the door. Jake ran. He ran upstairs and stuffed clothes into a book bag. He also snuck into his father’s tool shed, and stole a Metal Chain, Metal Grappling Hook, A Red Metal Crowbar, and Metal cane. After putting them all in his pack, He quickly grabbed his skateboard, and helmet from the garage and ran outside, but right as he did, a black car pulled up.

Chapter 3
A man got out of the car. He was bald, and had on a suit. He was in a wheelchair. Next to him, was a man, He had brown hair, a blue shirt, khakis, and red sunglasses. Jake walked over to them. “Can I help you?” He asked. The bald man wheeled toward him. “I am looking for Jake Dark.” He said. Jake’s mouth dropped. “That’s me.” He told the man. “Where are your parents?” The Brown haired guy asked. “They just kicked me out…” Jake mumbled. He looked at the Brown Haired man. “Nice sunglasses.” He said. The man nodded. The Bald man looked at Jake. “I am Charles Xavier. I run a School, for the gifted, like you, Scott Summers here, and I.” Charles said.  Jake’s eyebrow went up. Charles closed his eyes, and put his hands on his head. I am a telepath. Your hearing me, thanks to my powers. Jake jumped. “Holy Crap.” He said. “By the way, what is it you can do?” Scott asked Jake.
Jake looked at the metal wheel chair. He pointed his hands at it, locked them, and moved his arms up. The wheel chair slowly started going up. Charles was shocked. “Telekinesis?” He asked. “No. I think it’s like…Magnetikinesis.” Jake said, making up the word. He put Charles down. Charles’ eyes widened. “Just like-“He was cut off by Scott. “Magneto.” Scott said. “Who-Eto?” Jake asked. “Magneto is a very strong Mutant, who believes in war, over Human Kind.” Charles said. “If you come to my school, I can teach you to control your powers.” Charles said. Jake frowned. “I think I already can.” He said. Charles looked at him. “You won’t be alone. There will be a lot of people there.” Charles said. “Uh, Well, Okay, Why not.” Jake said. “Excellent.” Charles said. Jake looked at Scott. “Uh, if I can ask, what are your powers?” He asked. Scott looked up into the sky, and lowered his glasses a little. A red beam shot out of his eyes, and then his glasses stopped it. “Wow…That is so cool!” Jake said. Charles got into the car. “If you don’t mind, Get into the car, and we will take you to the school.” Jake shrugged, and got into the car.
Chapter 4
As the black car pulled into The Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Jake looked around. There where people everywhere. He was only 16, but he saw a man, He had wings, but the man looked like he could be 30. “That’s Angel.” Scott said. “He was one of the first students here.” He added. “He was one of the original X-Men. So was I. I was the First X-Men, Along with Beast, Iceman, Angel, and Jean.” He stopped at Jean’s name, and smiled.
Jake got out of the car; he still had his backpack on. His skateboard was in his hand. His helmet was in his bag. Charles got out of the Car, and a walking Blue animal came towards them. Jake jumped a little. “Charles, how was your trip? Is this the new student?” He asked. Jake’s eyes widened. It talked. “Yes, It is. Beast, this is Jake. Jake, this is Beast. Or Hank McCoy.” He introduced. “Nice to meet you.” Jake said. “Like wise.” Beast replied. An African-American woman came forward. She had long white hair, and had a black uniform on. “This is Storm.” Xavier said. “She will show you too your room.” Jake nodded. “Nice to meet you, as well.” Jake said. Storm smiled, and turned. Jake followed her. As they walked through the hall way, and into a small room. It had a bed, a desk, a dresser, and a closet. “Here is your room.” She said. “Thank you, Storm.” Jake said. He walked into the room, and but his backpack on the dresser. He pulled out his shorts, socks, and his underwear and put them in the dresser. He walked over to the closet; it had a couple hangers in it. He hung his shirts up, and a couple of belts. He set 2 pairs of shoes down on the ground, and kicked off the ones he was wearing. He set the chain, crowbar, hook, and cane under his bed, and sat his bag on his desk. He lay down on his bed.
“Knock knock.” Jake heard in a girl’s voice. Jake looked up to see a girl, that looked to be his age. She had long brown hair, and Brown eyes, she had a big sun hat on, and pink sunglasses. She was wearing a white sundress. “Hi.” Jake said, He said as he stood up. “I am Jake.” He introduced. “Hello I am Nagasuki.” She replied. Jake smiled. “Hi.” He said. “Uh, you go to this school, what are your powers?” Jake asked. Nagasuki smiled. She leaped off the ground, and flew into his room. “You can fly? Cool.” He said. Right then, the girl lifted Jake up into the air, the let him fall onto the bed. “What can you do?” She asked. Jake looked closer at the glasses. They had a little bit of Metal in them. Jake focused on him. He moved his eyes to the wall, and then the glasses went to the wall. “So you have Telekinesis as well?” Nagasuki asked. “Only with metal.” Jake replied. Nagasuki’s eyes winded. “Yes. Just like Magneto.” He said. Nagasuki nodded. “So, you can fly, and you have telekinesis?” Jake asked. She nodded again, in agreement. “I just came by to say, Welcome to Xavier’s. If you need any help you can ask me, or anyone else.” She said. Jake smiled. “Okay, thanks.” He said. Jake thought what to say next. “Uh, I feel like I’m a little kid asking this, but uh, would you like to be friends?” Jake asked. Nagasuki smiled. “Sure!” She said happily. Jake smiled. “Great. I finally got a friend.” He said.
Both of them paused when they heard a scream. Jake started running. But, when he was running, he was extremely fast. It was like he was already there. Nagasuki arrived there about 2 minutes later. She looked at Jake. “You have Super Speed!” She said happily. “Cool!!!” Jake smiled. He zoomed all around campus, and found the source of the screaming. It was a boy. Nagasuki rolled her eyes. “Daniel, what are is wrong?” She asked. “I swear, I just saw Magneto! Some guy was levitating Metal!” Jake looked over in the corner, He had a metal Picture frame, of him and His family. Jake focused his hand on it, and brought the picture frame closer. “Like this?” Jake asked. Daniel squealed, “Yes!” Jake rolled his eyes. “I’m Jake. I can do that. I have control over Metal, and Super Speed.” Daniel smiled. “I have Super Speed to!” He said. Jake smiled. “How about a Race, then?” Jake asked.

Chapter 5
A guy ran into the room. “A race!?” He called. His hair came up, and went into two points. He growled, and 3 metal claws shot out of his knuckles. “Yes, Wolverine.” Nagasuki said.”They want to race, to see who is the fastest.” She added. On Wolverine’s other hand, one claw shot out, and he put it on Daniel’s forehead. Jake flung his hand into the air, and moved it closer to the wall. Wolverine’s hands stuck to the wall. Jake zoomed of, Nagasuki right behind him, and Daniel getting closer. Jake grabbed Nagasuki’s hand. “C’mon. Wolverine could be getting closer.” He said. Jake pulled her closer, and ran as fast as he could. He ran around the corner of the hall way. “My dorm is right there!” She called. “Hide!” Nagasuki added. Jake jumped to the right, and closed the door when he got in her room. He slowly slid down against the wall. “Wow…” He said, breathing heavily. He noticed there was a window in her room. He ran straight to it, and slowly, climbed out of it.  “What are you doing?” She asked him. “Escaping.” Jake quickly replied. He noticed, Wolverine was walking through the campus, looking for Xavier. “Oh Crap!” He said. He jumped out the window, and ran across campus to his room. Right as he walked in, He noticed some one was in there waiting on him. Nagasuki. “What-How-What are you doing here!?” He said. Jake walked in, and closed the door. Nagasuki smiled. Jake looked to his left, and right. “What?” “Look Behind you.” She said. Jake turned, and a Man was standing there. He had a red helmet on, and red armor, and a purple cape. “I’m Magneto.” He introduced.
Chapter 6
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Jake screeched. He turned back to Nagasuki, but she wasn’t there. A blue woman was. She has red hair, yellow eyes, and was wearing white. The women was about to kick him, but Jake zoomed over to the corner. Jake looked at Magneto. Magneto…As in Magnet…Which is Metal… Jake thought. He smiled, and tried to pick up Magneto. He couldn’t. “I’m blocking you. You could do the same, we have the same powers, Come with me, and I can teach you to do more!” He smiled. Jake jumped off the bed, and grabbed his crowbar. He turned, and wacked the Blue Women in the head. He twirled it, and poked a hole in the wall. “HELP! MAGNETO’S IN MY ROOM!” He shouted. “YOU IDIOT!” Magneto shouted. The door flew through the room, and hit the wall, And a group of people jumped in. Jake jumped. Wolverine was one of them. A man jumped forward, his body coated with ice, and he put a wall of ice in front of Jake. Jake growled. Ice man shot a little piece of ice straight into Magneto’s eye. Magneto jumped at the man. “YOU WILL PAY ICEMAN!” Magneto shouted. He’s busy shouting. He can’t be concentrated on his helmet, or on blocking me out… Jake thought. Jake. Try and get his helmet off of him. Charles said, sending the message to Jake.  He grabbed the crowbar, and slowly crawled away from the ice. Jake snuck behind Magneto, and flung the crowbar up, and right down onto Magneto’s helmet, cracking it into two. Nagasuki came in, and use her powers to bring the parts of the helmets to her. Wolverine cut them into little pieces. Xavier must have done something to Magneto’s mind, because he fell to the ground. Iceman looked at Jake. “Nice move.” Iceman said. Wolverine looked at him. “Don’t we have something to settle?” Wolverine asked. “Uh…” Jake trailed off.  Xavier wheeled forward. “What are you talking about?” He asked. Jake told him everything. Wolverine grunted, “He’s speaking the truth Chuck.” Then he walked away. Xavier looked at Jake. “It was nice of you to stick up for your friend, but you can consider this a warning.” He said. Jake nodded. “Sorry sir.” Jake said.
Xavier nodded, and Magneto woke up from his ‘nap’. So did Mystique. They immediately fled. But first Magneto looked at Jake, then Xavier. “He’s strong, Charles. You’re lucky to have him...” Magneto told him. “Last chance, son. Would you like to join me?” He asked. Jake glared, and the crowbar that was sitting on his desk flew to his hand. It flew through the air, to Magneto, the point slowly moving toward him. “I’ll take it as a no.” He said, and flew off. Jake put the crowbar back on his dresser. Daniel zoomed into Jake’s room. “Dinner’s ready.” He said. Jake zoomed right past him, and Daniel spun around, following. Xavier smiled, and shook his head. He started wheeling into the dining room.
Chapter 7
Jake walked back to his room, and lay down on his bed. It was about 10:00 P.M. He walked over to his dresser, and grabbed a pair of red basketball shorts, and an undershirt. He lay down on his bed, and slowly drifted off. Right as he was about to fall asleep, he heard another scream, followed by Charles’ voice into Jake’s head. Jake. Get Nagasuki, Daniel, and Whoever else you can and get to my office. Jake dashed off, straight to Daniel’s room. He burst in, and Daniel was asleep. He shook Daniel awake. Daniel had some bright yellow pajamas on. “Follow me.” Jake said. He zoomed off, with Daniel about 5 feet behind him, straight to Nagasuki’s room. He knocked on the door, and Nagasuki answered, she had on a blue nightgown. “Come with me. Xavier needs us.” He said, and grabbed her hand, and dashed off. “What’s wrong?” She said, flying right next to Jake. “Xavier sent a message to me in my head, and told me to get you, and everyone else I could think of.” He said. “Then turn to your right.” She said, and turned. Jake followed her, and knocked on a door. It opened to reveal Wolverine. “Come on! Charles needs us!” Jake said and zoomed off. He stopped at a random door, and knocked. It was Scott. “Come with me. Charles needs us.” Jake said, and dashed to another random door. He knocked, and it opened. He didn’t know who this person was. It was a woman with long brown hair, with some white streaks.  “Rouge, Charles needs us now.” Scott said, and started running. Jake zoomed off, and anyone that had super speed was right behind him. Scott knocked on some one else’s door, and a blond haired man came out, He had white wings. Jake had seen him his first day here…Yesterday… He was only wearing his boxers. “Angel. Xavier needs us.” Scott said. “Okay Cyclops, I will be there in a minute.” He said. Angel closed the door, the opened it back up, wearing actual pajamas. Angel flew to a door right next to his, and a boy came out that had wings as well. Except, they where black. “Jessie, come on! Charles needs are help.” Angel said, and everyone took off. “So far we have…5…6…7 People.” Jake announced. Good enough, Come...hurry… Charles said, inside of Jake’s mind. Jake zoomed around the corner, and was next to Xavier’s office. Jake tried to get in, but the door was locked. Wolverine jumped forward. “Let me open the door!” He said, his claws shooting out. Cyclops jumped forward, and shot a red beam at the door, but it wouldn’t budge. Jessie stepped forward, and used his wind powers to opened the door. “That helps” Jake smiled.
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