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Worldz: Shard Quest

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Author Topic: Worldz: Shard Quest  (Read 147 times)

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« on: July 20, 2009, 09:27:50 am »


This is a book series called Worldz based on a PM roleplay that Joshua and I came up with a long time ago, on the old PJO. This was fun to write, so I hope you enjoy it.

Here goes nothing...

Caitlin sauntered down the concrete sidewalk, her feet making a 'tap, tap' sound as she went. She stopped and looked around. Where was everyone? Glancing to her right, she saw her friend Leeroy and greeted him, waving. Caitlin rushed over to him and looked around again.

"Hey, Leeroy. Where is everybody?"

Leeroy's face sunk down.

"I dunno," He said. "But it looks like nothing much is going on here."

He ushered Caitlin to come closer.

"Uhh, Caitlin," Leeroy murmured as quietly as possible. "I found this green shard. It was in my backpack, but when I last checked, I put nothing of the sort in! Tell me, what's your verdict on this whole 'strange disappearance' thing?"

Caitlin shook her head.

"I really don't kno- wait, what's happening?"

The green shard in Leeroy's hand was beginning to glow and shake violently. It fell to the ground and disappeared.

"That was odd.."

Suddenly, a hole appeared in the ground where it had fallen and became a swirling vortex, sucking the two friends inside.

"Hey, where are we Go-ING!"

Leeroy yelled, but him and his voice where trapped prisoners within the swirling vortex. At the other end, there was total black. The contrast was too dim to make out any figures.

"Caitlin," Leeroy whimpered. "Where are we?"

Caitlin looked around, seeing a green sky and ruby red grass.

"I.. I don't know.."

She started as she turned to see a little yellow creature with wings and a spiked tail. Caitlin pointed at it.

"Leeroy, what's that?"

The little creature continuously said, "Truffle! Truffle!"

"Maybe that's his name," Leeroy told Caitlin secretly, trying to hold back the loudness of his voice in case the 'truffle' was affected.

"Maybe. It kind of scares me, though," Caitlin whispered back, "You think that if we move away slowly, it'll leave us alone?"

A woman suddenly seemed to stroll by as Caitlin spoke.

"Excuse me!" Leeroy called out.

The lady, old and frail, stopped and stared to look at Caitlin. Caitlin looked at the lady nervously, fiddling around with something in her pocket.

"Er, um, do you know where we are?" she asked.

"Hohoho," The lady said merrily. "Come here, lad and lassie. "Tell me, have you been in possession of a green shard lately?" She asked.

"Yes, we have!" Leeroy found himself to say.

"Well then, could you show me this green shard?"

Leeroy took the thing out of his backpack, holding it out for her to see. The lady marveled at the shard, then snatched it out of his hand.

"You don't own it anymore, you don't!"

Caitlin looked on as she morphed into a teenage girl with bat wings.

"Why would we want some green shard, anyway?" Caitlin asked, confused.

This time, it was the girl's turn to look confused.

"You mean you don't know? The green shard rules this entire land! The only thing that could stop it is the purple shard, and I highly doubt that you have that!"

"Who are you, anyway?"

"I'm Senara, loyal servant to Karoko the Great." Senara shook her head. "You've heard too much already. Enjoy this moment, it'll be your last!"

The girl cackled, turning to the yellow creature.

"You, hyreed, attack them!"

The shard glowed brightly. Nothing happened. The creature suddenly looked up and began to attack. The thing was, it was attacking Senara.

"Quick!" Leeroy cried. "Is there anything we can use to stop this girl?"

Suddenly, Caitlin froze. What was she fiddling with in her pocket? Caitlin pulled it out; it was a purple shard. The shard glowed and some strange force came over her.

"Purple shard Psyburst!"

A burst of purple energy came out of the shard and hit Senara. The bat girl fell back, surprised, then quickly got up and began to fly away, the yellow creature zipping after her.

"Oh my gosh! What was that?" Leeroy asked. "She still has the green shard!"

Leeroy started to freak out but wanted to act cool and calm in front of Caitlin.

"Let's go!" Caitlin called as she began to run. "We have to catch her!"

"Go where?" Leeroy asked.

Caitlin stopped her running and walked back to Leeroy.

"Umm, never mind. I just thought we should follow her and get the shard back. Your call."

"Hmm," Leeroy said, obviously thinking hard. "We could spy on her? Make sure she doesn't know we are there!"

Caitlin shrugged.


She looked in the direction in which the girl had fled.

"We kinda have to follow her first."

She gave a start as she felt something on her shoulder. She looked over to see the yellow creature from before.



Caitlin fell to the ground in her surprise, looking at the thing, wide-eyed. The yellow creature flapped its wings and alighted on the ground.

"What did Senara call that thing? A hyreed, was it?"

"Yes," Leeroy said. "She tried to 'command' it. What d'you think she really meant?"

"There's only one way to find out..."

Caitlin gripped the purple shard tightly in the palm of her hand.

"Senara called it a hyreed and it attacked her... I probably shouldn't call it that, then."

She thought a moment.

"Truffle. That's it. Truffle, please help us get to Senara so we can steal the shard back from her."

The shard glowed purple and a purple mist surrounded the hyreed. The cloak of mist cleared to reveal the thing looking happily at them. It flapped its wings and landed on Caitlin's shoulder. She laughed and stroked its head.

"We'll call you Truffle, then."


Suddenly, Truffle hopped off Caitlin’s shoulder and dived behind a rock. At that moment, another pink flying hyreed came out. It was repeatedly saying ‘Twig! Twig!’ So Leeroy assumed it's name was Twig.

"Twig, you come with us, too!"

The purple shard glowed again and the hyreed was surrounded with the same purple mist that Truffle had been surrounded with. Twig flew into the air and alighted on Caitlin's shoulder. Truffle came out from behind the rock then and flapped its wings, now settling itself on Leeroy's shoulder.

"Now we each have a hyreed! I'd say we're ready to find Senara and get that shard back! Right, guys?"

"Truffle! Truffle!"

"Twig! Twig!"

Leeroy, delighted with his new Truffle pal caught up with Caitlin. They both followed the direction the thief had gone. They eventually got to the temple of Karachi. Suddenly, Twig moaned.
Caitlin looked at the creature on her shoulder, then glanced at Leeroy.

"What do you think is wrong with it?"

She looked at the building before her and gulped.

"Maybe it's the ominous-looking temple looming in front of us.. Should we go in?"

"No, not yet," Leeroy warned. "Truffle! Try sneaking in their and report what's happening!"

Caitlin was about to ask how in the world it could report anything when all it could say was 'truffle', but decided to keep quiet about it. She was sure that Leeroy had a plan of some sort.
The truffle came back, chanting its name over and over and then said something mildly alarming.

"Trouble, trouble!" Leeroy and Caitlin looked at each other.

"What do you think? Should we go on?”

"For the green shard, yes."

The two walked into the temple to find that it was extremely beautiful and complex.

"Whoever the architect for this building was must've been a genius.." Caitlin murmured in amazement.

They looked up to see a stained glass ceiling with designs of creatures and people and things that they couldn't recognize but looked wonderful anyway. Two statues were positioned at each side of the entrance, both pedestals topped with dragon figures.

"They look so real..." Caitlin shook her head, clearing it. "We have to continue through that hallway and defeat that bat girl. We have to get the green shard back!"

Suddenly, the dragon statues were covered with a green mist. They moved, shaking off what appeared to be dust, revealing them to be two emerald-colored dragons with dark green wings. One roared loudly; the other blew a fireball into the air. Then, the two swooped down in front of Leeroy and Caitlin, blocking their way and preparing to attack.

"Caitlin! They look dangerous! Let's try and sneak past!" Leeroy whispered to his friend Caitlin.

But, his action was in burden, as one of the dragons cut him with it's long curved blade. This noble type, named Dravir, flew up high and then suddenly launched a fireball! It hit the group of four and smoke engulfed them all...
The smoke cleared, but the 4 heroes were safe! Truffle had formed a blue, crystalline chrysalis around the heroes, and they were safe. It was a force field of some-sort, but it was see-through. Caitlin marveled at the strange pattern and color inside the dome of power, but Leeroy was keeping his smug little eye at the dravirs in the knowledge of him being safe. Caitlin then turned to Leeroy.

"Let's go."

She began to cross the room, heading for the hallway on the other side. Leeroy began to protest, however.

"What's over there? There's loads of doors, thus, loads of rooms. Which one should we choose?"

Suddenly, Twig started to shudder even more, like when they where out of the temple. It was freaky for Caitlin, so she started throwing out suggestions.

"I think maybe we shouldn't take Twig with us. This shuddering and groaning is getting a little creepy. What do you think?"

Suddenly, before Leeroy could think, a black mist shrouded the poor hyreed.

"Uh-oh! Caitlin! Stay away from Twig! I've worked it out! If we have a purple shard, the purple mist makes them good. The green shard makes a green mist to command something. I have a funny feeling the black mist means something bad!"

Caitlin quickly backed away from the hyreed, but a little clumsily, stumbling and falling only to be caught by Leeroy. Caitlin blushed, thanking him, and quickly stood back up.
Twig was looking menacingly at her, then its eyes glimmered with malice. The hyreed unsheathed sharp claws then came at Caitlin and attacked, slicing her leg. Its eyes glowed again, and Twig flew at Caitlin again, slicing her other leg. Caitlin cried out in agony, falling to the floor as she was no longer able to stand.
Twig's eyes were now glittering evilly at Caitlin and it seemed to be smirking. It flew in to deliver the ending blow, but just in time, Caitlin acted.

She held up the shard and it began to glow furiously. She tried to gain charge of the hyreed once more, but failed. However, she did gain another few allies. A purple mist appeared around the two dragons and they immediately sprung into action, one swiping at Twig with its huge tail and the other breathing flames onto it.

"Okay! You dragon, pick up Twig and secure him somewhere. And you help him, Dravir."

As soon as they did, Leeroy and Caitlin went to talk to Twig. Caitlin struggled to her feet, barely staying up from Twig's blows, and limped over to where Leeroy was talking with the hyreed.

"Twig!" Why did you do that? Caitlin was your friend!"

At that moment, Leeroy took his hand out to touch Caitlin’s soft hair, and hold her in his hands as she fell. There was blood dripping from her torn clothes and limp body. Then Twig replied.

"Only my master, who owns the green shard, can heal your pathetic friend. And it can also turn me back to the shriveled weakling I once was, but that's not gonna happen now, is it?"

"Hey..." Caitlin moaned. "Twig can talk..."

At that moment, Twig's eyes widened with fear, and a clear mist shrouded him.

"Twig?" Leeroy asked. "Are you back?"

"Yeah..." said Twig, surprised. "And I can talk! How cool is that?"

"Yay, that's cool, but look what you did to Caitlin! Look at her! She's in severe pain, and you can just be malicious and not care? How could you?"

Twig replied to that.

"Y'know how I was back?" He said. "That clear mist was a power greater then the shards. Truth. That's the weapon you need to destroy any evil..."

At that moment, the wounds on Caitlin seemed to heal rapidly, and she was getting better! Another clear mist shrouded her now strong and supple body and she spoke.

"I... I think I'm better now.."

Caitlin slowly raised herself from the floor, still holding on to Leeroy's hand as she did so. Suddenly, she heard a thundering crash from above, and looked up to see that the ceiling of glass had been broken through and several glass shards fell to the ground. The bat girl from earlier, Senara, emerged into the room looking extremely angry.

"You ignorant fools have gotten in my way, and now I must finish you both!"

She held up the green shard and did something that neither Caitlin nor Leeroy would have guessed.

"You, girl, you'll follow my commands from now on."

Caitlin was covered in a coat of mist, green and black mingling together, and struggled not to obey as she was drawn to Senara's side. Quickly, without thinking, Caitlin dropped the purple shard and slid it to Leeroy with her foot. The force of the green shard dragged her over to Senara and she stood defiantly against the girl.

"Do what you want with me, but you'll never win."

Senara laughed dryly, then looked at the glass shards on the floor. She picked up one looking especially sharp and handed it to Caitlin. She then got the green shard in her hand again. It glowed extremely brightly and menacingly as Senara said her next sentence.

"I want you to take this glass shard and use it to stab yourself in the heart."


Leeroy found himself crying, as Caitlin readied the shard. Then he had a plan. He held up the shard and tried to purify Caitlin, but the blackness that merged with it cancelled that out. Caitlin suddenly said something to Leeroy.

"Think fast and act faster!"

And as she said that, he remembered the chat with Twig.

"You're nothing but an stupid, good-for-nothing criminal!"

At those words, the green and black shard was dislodged from Senara’s hands and they fell to the floor. It was Twig’s secret weapon.
The truth.
Suddenly, Caitlin found herself regained of her own commands, and picked up the two shards. Black and green. She thanked Leeroy and said nothing. Caitlin couldn't find any words to say and simply flung herself into Leeroy's arms. She was still trembling from almost killing herself, and was extremely glad to be alive.

"Thank you Leeroy," she whispered, "Thank you."

At that moment, Leeroy gathered up the courage to do something he had never done. He kissed Caitlin, on her soft rosy cheeks. His cozy lips sailed towards her face as they merged into one. Caitlin had realized something. She was in love.
It all seemed to happen so fast. Caitlin blushed heavily. She felt her heart beating hard and fast. Caitlin was feeling as hot as fire, but she had goose-bumps, and butterflies were soaring around in her stomach. What was this feeling? Suddenly, Caitlin found herself locked in a warm, passionate kiss with Leeroy. When it ended, she felt her face turn extremely red. She had enjoyed that. Caitlin looked lovingly into Leeroy's eyes, pushing back the hair in his face.

"Come on," she said, slightly embarrassed, "Let's go home."

"Wait...Caitlin, I want you to know...I love you... " Leeroy said, stunned at what courage befell him.

And then, Truffle learnt his first word (Apart from "Trouble! Trouble!")

"Aww!" Truffle said, obviously making the moment seem fun.

"You also know, that Truffle and Twig don't have homes. We can take care of them. And I also wanna show you something.”

Leeroy took Caitlin’s hand and ran up a hill. He wanted to show her the view.

"Wow, isn't it amazing?" Leeroy said, softly to Caitlin. "Yeah, this moment's gonna be with me forever..."

And then they both hugged each-other affectionately as the power of truth swelled up in a clear mist and the two humans and two hyreeds where home...but where was everyone?!?

The End...for now...

Hope you liked it! Worldz: The Missing Link will be availible to read soon!
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