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Random Stuff I've written over time.

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Author Topic: Random Stuff I've written over time.  (Read 66 times)

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« on: July 12, 2009, 06:33:10 pm »

Not sure if you've noticed by now, but I love to write. Problem is that I don't finish what I've started. So I'll just post some random one shot's here. If there's one that isn't a one shot, I'll make a new topic for it.

The Dragons swooped though the battle, flying to defeat their enemies. Flashes of black, blue, green and golden brown soared towards them. Silver, white, red, chrome and copper dragons collided with the black, blue, green and bronze dragons. The roars and heat was too much for any dragon under the class of Master to handle. Even at 20 000 feet above land, some of the armies beneath them died instantly.  But all were to die on the side of freedom. They mighty gold dragon, Hazsio, who was bearing the king of Darkness, swooped down onto the leader of the good, the Copper dragon, Uioe. Hazsio killed Uioe instantly using the deadly technique of surprise.  The other evil dragons captured the remaining good leader dragons, the silver dragon Driaou, the chrome dragon Gizzidio and the red dragon Firoar. But they had no such luck with the white dragon, Agiaia. She flew down, clutching her dragon egg, ready to fight to the death. She flew to the mountains. There she hid her egg and placed the blessing of all dragons on the egg. The blessing would conserve it and protect it from all those who wish it harm. Then, she flew back to the battlefield, crying,
“All of the dragons of Freedom! Our leader is dead! Retrieve his body and follow my white lining for we have lost four Master dragons to the King of darkness! You must seek a haven!”
With this a beam of white light, only seen to the dragons of freedom, appeared in the sky. Without question, they obeyed Agiaia’s final command. Agiaia then called to all of the Darkness,
“I shall die today! My fate can be felt by everyone here! But no Master dragon shall go down easily! And I must take at least 100 lives with me today!”
She then flew with all speed, claws extended, at the green dragon Triu. Since green dragons are the slowest of their kind, and white are the fastest, poor Triu had no chance. Triu fell dead and lost his grip on Firoar. Firoar instantly flew at Hazsio, but was recaptured. Agiaia picked up Triu’s body and flung it on the Darkness’s healing bay. Everyone within 100 feet of it was crushed to death. 900 people were killed in that one attack. The remaining evil dragons gave their prisoners to Hazsio and flew at Agiaia. Three beams of black, blue and golden brown fire hit her wings and she was sent shooting to the ground. Eight of the remaining freedom dragons grabbed her out of the air and carried her to the White Sea Temple. The evil didn’t follow them. They knew that Agiaia would die because she was mortally wounded. That night, Agiaia lay on a ring of diamonds and other rare jewels including the dragon jewel, Vavai. There, all the dragons lay at her feet, praying that she would live. But all knew that she would not last another minute. Agiaia gathered all her strength and said,
“I shall die tonight. I can feel it in my blood. Yet, I have a daughter. Since we were ambushed, I had no time to place her egg in safety, so her egg lies in the Mountains of Purity. My dying wish is that the egg is to be retrieved, and raised with her type.  She shall be called Asigha and shall be trained to be a Master dragon and shall lead the world to freedom. I have hidden the egg at the Peak of Li…”
And Agiaia breathed her last.

The King of Darkness looked at the three prisoner dragons, Driaou, Gizzardio and Firoar. Firoar was snarling at him. Unable to control himself any longer, Firoar burst out,
“How dare you kill our leader and bring Agiaia to death! My very own wife! My son and my daughter are doomed to never hatch! You are a fool!”
“Do not call the new leader of this land a fool! I have a good mind to behead you, dragon! Guards, take these idiots away to the volcano prison!”
“Mark my words puny human! My daughter and son will come to crush you! They will find the dragon Vinari and release all of us!”
With that, Firoar, who was brilliant at magic and specialized in teleporting, teleported to the Isle of Protection in the middle of the Serpents Sea. The King cried out in fury and hurled a dagger at the disappearing dragon, but missed and hit Hazsio in the heart. Without armor, Hazsio was wounded badly, seeing that it was his most vulnerable place. Driaou sent a silver beam of light at Hazsio’s heart. Hazsio collapsed and stopped breathing. It was later found out that Hazsio was a monster that the King of darkness had created because he couldn’t find a gold dragon strong enough to kill another Master dragon in one shot. The remaining dragons were taken away and the King suddenly didn’t feel content anymore. Firoar was free. Agiaia’s kin were alive. All the white, copper, red, silver and chrome dragons were free. Even though everyone recognized him as King, he was not really King. Then, the black dragon, Htaed came into the room. He asked the King,
“Master, your majesty, I have an idea, seeing that you do not feel content. My idea is, you know the white ring of protection that surrounds the White Sea and Half Moon Island? Well, according to my studies, if one of the stones of the ring was destroyed, an evil dragon could enter.”
“What is the use of that?”
“Well, if I were to go in and pretend to be Driaou, I would be the ruler of the dragons. I could get them to venture out and be captured. I could stop Agiaia’s kin from hatching. I could send the dragons to find Firoar, bring him to me and then kill him. I could find out the secret to weakening the ring and eventually destroy the ring altogether. Then you would truly be the King.”
“I love it! How long will it take to get you ready and how long will it take to destroy the ring?”
“Well, I am sure that it will take two months to get me truly ready and I do not know how long to destroy the ring. It depends on how long it takes me to find its weakness.”
“Well, it is a start. But one thing. Instead of killing Agiaia’s kin, bring them to me when they are about, 16. I will brainwash them, and they will fight for me.”
“As you wish, Almighty.”
Htaed then left the room. The King muttered to himself,
“The Dragon Vinari. Hmmmm. They are in the palace vault. But Agiaia has proved to be stronger than any other dragon. Firoar has proved to be a master at magic and has escaped me. Their kin would be like both of them put together, times two. I’m not sure if we could stand an attack from them. We must hide the Dragon Vinari, in the most dangerous places of my kingdom. And we must strike a bargain with the Sea Serpents, so that they will kill any good dragon that flies over their sea. We must, we must, we must…”

On the Isle of the Lost, Firoar lay. The spell he had cast had taken his strength, and that strength could never be recovered as long as he remained on this Island. Yet it was the safest place, and it was closer than Half Moon Isle. If he had teleported there, he would have died seconds later.  He lay there, and started mourning for Agiaia and his children that he would never see, for to get off the Isle of the Lost, a powerful spell was required, and a powerful spell, was near impossible…
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« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2009, 06:35:30 pm »

The citizens of Violet City were holding a meeting. They needed to do something about the... thing... that was haunting their streets. This thing was causing mass panic, destruction and slaughter wherever it went. It was said to have blood red eyes that could freeze you in your tracks. It was said that it lived on blood, drinking it to sustain its life-force. It was said that it was half wolf, half human, and that I could use attacks that could topple even the most powerful Pokemon. It was said that not even Arceus could destroy it. Of course, these rumors had been exaggerated, but not by much.

Most people wanted to hunt it down. Some wanted it to be captured and studied. Some didn't care, as long as they were safe again. In the end, killing it was agreed on.

The people of Violet City then went to their homes or wherever they were staying, to gather knives, firearms, Pokemon... anything that could do some damage. All except one man gathered in front of the Town Hall, ready to hear the plan.

The one man who didn't go to the Town Hall, headed towards the dump, where it was said to be hiding. He walked in, holding a Pokeball in front of him at the ready. He called out to it, trying to catch its attention from wherever it was hidden. From somewhere to his left, there was a rustle, a metallic sound, a growl. Two glowing red eyes appeared out of the gloom, crazed and insane. Then it emerged.

It was crouched on all fours, yet looks like a human girl except for the ears, claws, the sharp teeth, the tail and the aura of animal instinct, mixed with human intelligence. Its hair was blue, but darkened to black at the tips. It’s skin was golden brown, making seem exotic.

It let out a cry, having seen the man and created a huge ball of rolling energy, which it shot directly at the man. He smiled, and released the Pokemon inside the ball he was holding. A flash of white light which took a serpent form appeared and then turned into a Onix. The Rock Serpent Pokemon was hit by the energy ball, and collapsed. Dead. The man ducked behind the Onix, not caring for its life.
“If you are here to kill me,” a voice that sounded like a young girl said quietly, “then go ahead. I have nothing to live for. I admit that what I did was wrong, killing those people, destroying those things. But you must understand, the pain drove me insane!”
The man quickly realized that it was speaking, and it wasn’t an it, but a she.
“So, you blame the pain for making you do this? And what pain?”
“The pain that has been coursing though my body ever since it changed. Don’t ask me how it happened, for I don’t know. But ever since then, I’ve been treated differently. Everyone hates me! All I want is what I had! Just to be accepted! I’m only a riolu!”
“You’re not a riolu. I believe you’re a hybrid. Such things as you should be treasured not dissed. The world has treated you unfairly.”

And the man begun to inflame the hybrid against those who were disgusted at her, until she howled in rage and began to cry.
“Why!? WHY!?!” she howled.
“We both have been treated unfairly by this world and it’s people. Some would argue that life isn’t fair, but they also say that everyone should get an equal chance at everything. Well, where’s our chance? No one will be kind enough to us to allow us to have it, just because we are different. So, I ask you to come with me. We can make these beings pay for our treatment.”
The girl hybrid nodded once, a sharp movement, not unlike a bird.

The man looked into the girl’s eyes, observed her sharp claws, lean body covered in muscle. He saw power in her and knew that she could help him get back at those who had hated him for his talents. He held out his hand, and the girl placed one claw in it. He smiled, then begun to sing.

It was a sort of horrible song, the one’s you believe would only exist in a place like hell. It sent shivers down the man’s spine as he sung, but also made him feel powerful.

There was a huge thud, the sound of a huge wing. A Salamence flew towards the two. It seemed to have no pupils, no soul.
“Come.” The man said as he climbed on.
The girl followed, causing shallow wounds on the dragons hide. The man went rigid, then relaxed as the Salamence took off into the night.

The people of Violet City ran into the dump, screaming and shouting as one. They tore down every  pile, looked in every hole, but were unable to find it. So they believed it had gone, scared off by their cries. And so they rejoiced, unknowing that they would soon meet their ends by the mutants paw.
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« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2009, 06:39:05 pm »

“Rose,” Anna called, “Come here at once!”
There was the sound of running feet as a scrawny, brown haired, blue eyed girl appeared at the doorway, panting, faded dress covered in mud.
“Yes Anna?” Rose enquired.
“Bill’s fever has gotten worse and I have run out of Stardust Herbs. Fetch me some more, now! They will be in the south end of the woods.”
“Madam.” Rose curtsied and grabbed her basket. The old, tattered thing lay beside the door. She grabbed it, and then raced away to the woods.

Rose was picking Stardust herbs as fast as she could. The south of the Woods was rather eerie, the shadows seemed to try and trap you at every turn. Even the sunlight was somehow wrong. Rose shivered, trying to ignore the feeling of dread that was creeping down her spine. She turned to face the west and saw it.

 A gigantic wall, covered with ash, broken in some places, lay in front of her. Against her cautious nature, Rose crept up to the wall and peeked though a small hole. A ruined village met her trembling eye. Doors were smashed heaps of rotting wood. Some buildings had three or less sides. The fences had been torn down and burnt. And… lying on the ground… rotting away… were skeletons. Human skeletons. Lovers were still in their loves arms, fathers were protecting daughters, sons and wives, children gripping each other, watching everyone fall, gripped in Death’s Talons. Rose looked away, ready to run but against her will, she looked back again and noticed a symbol branded on every standing object.

Curious, she found a larger hole and squeezed through the hole into the villages ruins. Dodging the bones of the long gone, she scurried up to the symbol and recognised it with shock. A white Lion surrounded by the Heavens was the symbol of her Town! Her people had done this! And her Father was always saying that they had never committed a single crime ever! Well this was a crime! To slaughter, kill and destroy! Rose turned to flee the place when the air suddenly turned cold.

 A low hissing filled the air as pearly blue mists flew out from the bodies. They had heads with tails, sickly yellow eyes and each was an individual. One, who looked like an old woman who had traces of blood and face paint, came up to Rose, hissing.
“Look, a girl has come to our graves… She is the daughter of our slayer too…the irony is killing me…HA!!!” She screeched.
“Wh…What do yo...you want?” Rose stammered.
“For you to kill our slayer, your father…”
“Kill Pa?! I couldn’t!”
“Look child! Our entire village was slaughtered by his hand! Only his death can put our souls to rest…”
“Everyone will hate and despise me!”
“Better to die than let a murderer live…”
“Just do it child! Once you have, we will make sure your death will be quick and painless. But if you don’t… We will destroy you…”
The spirits retreated, the air returned to normal temperature and everything was still. Rose dropped the basket of Stardust Herbs and ran.

Rose clutched the dagger, trembling with fear, outside her father’s room. It had occurred to her that she couldn’t kill herself; the spirits would find her in Heaven. She couldn’t ask her father to kill himself either… That would just be stupid. There was a crash and a curse from the room. Her father had dropped something.

“Blast it.” came her father’s voice from inside the room as he walked out clutching pieces of glass. Rose, tears streaming down her cheeks, hurled the deadly object at his heart, and fell to her knees, watching her father’s body fall to the ground.
“Why Rose?” her father whispered weakly.
“Because you killed them Pa…you killed them all. Male and Female, Child and Adult, all dead because of you…” Rose’s hoarse voice whispered.
“The worst thing I have ever done in my life…It haunted me ever since the day I did it, and I bitterly regret it… At least I can be reunited with your mother now… and soon I will see you there too…So long for now…my beautiful Rose…”
The air turned cold, and the shadows closed in as he let go and died, his spirit starting the journey to Heaven’s gates, where his fate would be decided. Rose crouched there for a while, crying her eyes out, before standing and creeping away, back to the village.

Rose crept out of the palace when the alarm was raised and shouts came from her father’s room as they discovered this body and her dagger in it. Like a rabbit hunted by a fox, she tore down the street, hearing the angry yells of the citizens of the Town as they grabbed swords, pitchforks, brooms and anything else within arms reach. With growing terror, Rose left the town, heavy footsteps closing in. She prayed with all her might that she could reach the village before the citizens caught up.
“Stop Rose!”
“Come back Rose!”
“Why did you kill him?!”
“Get here you filthy brat!” Were the voices of the citizens, roaring and screaming.
“Shut up!” Was Rose’s screaming terrified voice, “Shut up all of you! It’s his own fault!”

Ahead, was the wall. Mist covered the village and holy light emanated from it. She ran straight to the gap in the wall and darted through it. The bodies were gone, the spirits flying up into the sky. Waiting for her was the old woman, who looked a lot younger now.  The blood was gone and she wasn’t just a head anymore. A long white dress covered her shapely figure. Long gold hair fell down her back, shining. She held out her hand and said,
“Rose, we thank you for what you have done. It is now our turn to return the favour. Take my hand.”
Rose glanced behind her, and saw the citizens had stopped, and they were staring at the scene before them. Rose turned back and took the old woman’s hand. A white aura surrounded them both, and the old woman addressed the crowd.

“Rose here has just righted the greatest wrong you have ever made. You shouldn’t be saying she is a criminal for it, for she is not. You should be celebrating the fact that you are all now sin free and have a place in heaven. Now, I will take Rose there, and she will guard the gates of Heaven for ever, your eternal happiness is in her hands.”

The white aura brightened, and became multicoloured. Beautiful lights played in the sky, lighting up the Heavens. Suddenly the aura blazed, and enveloped the two remaining souls to be allowed into Heaven. Rose and the old woman became transparent, before disappearing completely.

 And so Rose now guards the gates to Heaven, allowing those whose souls are good to pass and sending those without pureness down to Hell. Everyone’s eternal happiness is in her hands…
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« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2010, 05:00:42 am »

Sunlight streamed through the window, casting light on the person sleeping in the bed. She blinked, then leapt to feet, sending the blankets everywhere. Renee’s room looked like a normal teenagers did – everything was in a chaotic mess, clothes everywhere, school books buried somewhere underneath all the crap in her room. The 16 year old reached for her phone… which she’d accidentally knocked off the bedside table into the chaos. The Growlithe in the corner snickered.

“Oh shut up Omeo.” Renee snapped at the puppy Pokemon.

Omeo barked and rolled over, waving his paws in the air and wagging his tail. Renee sighed, running her hands through her short brown hair, before grabbing whatever came to her hands first to put on. Omeo happily followed his trainer into the bathroom, faithfully sitting next to the door. Renee studied herself in the mirror. A pale face with thin lips, a rounded nose and dark green eyes stared back, then sighed again and pulled a brush through her hair, a vain attempt to control it.

Renee moved into the kitchen, already knowing that there would be another note from her father, saying he was out in Route 47 again, at some tower that he was so interested in. His reason for not letting her and Omeo go travelling – because he wanted to spend time with her - seemed odd because he was never home. Sometimes she just considered leaving a note of her own, saying that she’d had enough and was going to travel the world. But then she’d never be able to face him again…

After grabbing a muesli bar, Renee put on her bag and headed for the door. Before she could open it, the door flew open, revealing a tall man. He was dressed completely in black – black skinny jeans with zips covering them, black steel caped shoes, black high necked tee shirt, black trench coat with short sleeves and black gloves. His silver belt and watch was a relief really. He raised one hand to brush his spiky black hair out his bright blue eyes, the movement revealing a long white scar across his scalp.

“Where is Benjamin Jones?” He asked, eyes cold.

Omeo growled, a few embers appearing around his body as Renee took a step backwards. “He’s not here.” She told him, equally cold.

“Take me to him.” He commanded in a give-me-nonsense-and-I’ll-take-your-head-off kind of way.

Renee grabbed the door, trying to force it shut. The strange man grabbed the door with one hand, and practically lifted Renee of the ground with the other. Omeo snarled then leapt forwards, jaws clamming down on the man’s pants. He kicked the Pokemon off easily and Omeo crashed into the wall, whimpering.

“Take me to him.” The man repeated, tightening his grip for a moment before releasing her. The momement drew notice to a sheathe with a sword hilt sticking out of it attached to his belt and half hidden by the trench coat.

Renee could only nod silently. Her voice had disappeared completely. She realised that she’d been holding her breath and forced herself to breathe. Some of the coldness in the man’s face disappeared.

“Good.” He said, picking up Omeo and putting the Growlithe in her hands. “Lead the way then. I haven’t got all day.” When Renee didn’t move, a hard edge crept onto his face and he pushed her. “Come on girl. I have to see your father.”

After giving herself a mental shake, Renee started moving out to route 47, the man right behind her. She could feel his eyes drilling a hole in her back the whole way.


“Here. He’s in here.” Renee said, looking into the cave.

Her father had taken her to the… Hidden Tower, that was it, once. It was an old tower, covered with strange symbols on the walls which looked like writing. It seemed to stretch on forever, yet the top of it never showed from the outside. Her father had said that was because the tower was actually a long hole in the earth and someone or something had painted the insides.

“The Hidden Tower… I should have guessed.” The man commented, his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Renee bolted, running into the darkness of the tower, clutching Omeo to her chest. She heard the man exclaim behind her, then start running, calling for her to come back. Renee just ran faster. It wasn’t a long trip till you got to the tower, so she soon began to see light at the end of the tunnel. She burst into the main chamber, seeing her father, short brown hair, green eyes and glasses turn around, looking alarmed.

“Dad!” Renee shouted. “There’s this crazy guy with a sword looking for you!”

“Oh, is that what I am? A crazy guy with a sword?” The man said sounding amused as he came out of the tunnel.

“James!” Ben exclaimed, a grin appearing on his face. “I knew you’d come.”

James, the crazy guy shrugged. “I did say anything.”

Renee was now completely confused. James… wasn’t going to murder/rob/kidnap her dad? Her dad knew this James guy?

“Renee.” Ben said, smiling. “I’ve decided to let you go adventuring-”

“OMGWE’REGOINGTOTRAVELOMEODIDYOUHEARTHAT?!!” Renee squeed, completely forgetting the current company.

“But there’s one catch.”

Renee and Omeo stopped celebrating.

“James must come with you.”

Both James’s and Renee’s faces were identical masks of horror.

“WHAT? With this crazy guy?!” Renee exclaimed.

“When I said anything, looking after some teenager was not included!” James shouted.

Ben held up his hands. “Guys please. Listen to me. Renee, I don’t want you going off adventuring without another human with you. Omeo doesn’t count. James, you think about it all right. I’m sure you can work it out.”

“I’m failing to see the advantages of this...” James muttered darkly.

“Renee,” Her father said kindly. “How about you go home and get packed? If you’re going travelling, you’ll be needing some things.”

Renee hesitated. Was there a logical reason to go travelling with a crazy guy? Not likely. But he didn’t like this any more than she did so that would mean that she could probably convince him to leave her as soon as they were out of Cianwood.

“Okay then, I’ll go get ready.” She said, then turned and left the Hidden Tower, Omeo on her heels.

Both men were silent for a while, studying each other. It had been sometime since they had seen each other last, so they were taking in the changes that had occurred since then. Out of nowhere, Ben smiled.

“I just can’t get the picture of you half dead out of my head. It’s permanently burned into my mind.”

“I wish you could. I don’t like someone remembering me being weak, not even you. But we can do this whole reuniting thing later. Why do you want me to go with Renee? Every other teen out there her age is just fine. Why does she need a bodyguard?” James asked.

“You know these symbols on the walls are ancient writing?” Benjamin said, putting one hand on the wall of the tower. “I’ve been deciphering them, and I’ve learned things about this tower that would make your hair curl. Things that could summon ancient Pokemon here. I think someone might know about what I’m doing. That someone being the Head of Team Rocket.”

“And you think that because of what you know, they might target Renee to use as a bargaining tool against you. But her being stuck at home makes her sad, which makes you sad seeing her like that. So you figured you’d need a bodyguard if she was to travel. And there’s no one in the world with better experience with dealing with the Rockets than me… I’m seeing the benefits already. I can do some major Rocket hunting.” James finished, eyes wild with excitement.

“Exactly. It works well for both of us.” Ben grinned, his eyes shining, but then the grin faded. “Hopefully I’ll finish my work in the Tower before the Rocket’s find me. Then I can disappear for a while, until they forget all about me.”

James shrugged. “You need a bodyguard yourself now don’t you? Why not get someone else with the same expertise as me? I know this really sexy lady who works in my department. She’s getting quite bored – and she’s looking for someone your type - last time I heard.”

Ben blushed and raised his hands. “No I’ll be quite alright I think. Come on, we should catch up with Renee. Knowing her, she’s probably having a lot of trouble finding stuff in that room of hers.” He started to walk towards the exit, then stopped. “One thing. Never leave her side.” He said seriously.

“What? You want me to follow her into the shower or something? Or when she’s getting changed?” James said sarcastically.

Ben laughed. “Not that close. But seriously, don’t go far away.”

The two men walked out together, easing the barriers that time had cast between them. The two masked figures dressed completely in white watched them silently as they headed back towards Cianwood.
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