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1  General Category / Light RP Area / Re: Hydrange on: February 07, 2011, 11:46:32 pm
" Ahhhhh, me head...." JT said, as he finally awoke from the previous event. The pain in his head was equavilent to that of a hangover, but 100 times worse. Rubbing his forehea, he felt where the escaped prisoner had struck him in the head. The cut had healed into a scab, so JT figured he must have been unconscious for a day maybe....or more. Now paying attention to his surroundings, JT saw that the prisoners had locked him into one of the cells. On the bottom bunk of the bunk beds that were supplied for the prisoners to sleep on, there was a large shape under the covers......Dave, JT figured. Getting up, JT stumbled back and forth before being able to hold himself up. He then walked over to Dave and whispered in his ear. " Dave," JT whispered, pushing him a little bit, " Come on man get up!"

Turning over, Dave looked at JT digusted that he woke him up from his sleep. " Ohhh, so your finally awake. Both of us didn't get to have a four day straight sleep like you so let me go back to sleep," Dave said, putting the covers over his head and turning back over.

" Four days?! Really?!...wait....that doesn't matter right now. We're getting out of here!" JT said, holding on to a circular object in his hand.

" How? I already tried," Dave said, pointing to a Poliwrath sitting in the corner. " No physical damage at all can break these bars," Dave said, already with the mindset that the escapees were going to completely over run Hydrange and there was nothing they could do about it.

" No physical damage, huh? How about mental? Or maybe......psychic. Gallade, Psychic! Then Psycho Cut!" JT threw the Pokeball which he was holding on the ground and out appeared the bladed Pokemon Gallade. The Gallade first weakened and bent the bars to the cell up with a Psychic attack. He then turned this Psychic energy into a blade, and sliced the bars clean in half, making an opening for JT and Dave. " Impressive, wasn't it? Let's go," JT said, a grin on his face. Dave, not really trying to show how impresed he was, followed JT as they made their escape with Poliwrath right by his side. As soon as they left the cell, they were attack by a barrage of Flamethrowers, Leaf Storms, Confuse Rays, everything. " Gallade, quick Protect!" A green aura gathered around JT, Dave and their Pokemon and the attacks were blocked, not harming any of them. " Now Gallade...."

" Hypnosis and Dynamic Punch!" Poliwrath first sent out little psychic waves all around the area where the cells are, hitting all the Pokemon and Trainers he could. These waves put them to sleep. All the Pokemon and Trainers Poliwrath couldn't put to sleep, he hit with a Dynamic Punch. Now everyone was either asleep, knocked out, unconscious, or confused by the punch. Dave looked at JT and said, " Couldn't let you be the big hero all the time."

JT grinned. " Looks like we're on the same page right now. We have to be anyway. Let's go save Hydrange. Ohh and Gallade, use Psychic to clear the path and put them back in cells. Lock them too," As they went through the path, Gallade slid every one of the escapees into a cell with Psychic one by one and closed the cells, locking them and fixing the one he broke. JT and Dave continued precariously through Hydrange, looking out more anymore prisoners. Even though they just defeatd about 20 to 30 people, there were still much, much more than that to capture. This battle wasn't near over.
2  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: Jimmy on Route 29[Wild Encounters] on: February 01, 2011, 10:13:28 pm
" Hehe, game. Set. Match," Jimmy said, tossing up Sentret's Pokeball and returning the little squirrel like Pokemon. " We should go find you a Pecha Berry, antidote, or wait until the poison subsides," Knowing Cyndaquil was waiting for this chance, he picked him up and put him on his head. " Let's go."
3  General Category / Light RP Area / Re: Hydrange on: February 01, 2011, 06:35:01 pm
JT decided to skip breakfast the next morning. He wanted to walk around the facility for a while, memorize where everything was. He also looked around to see if there were any secret doors. He found only two, but he was sure that there were much more than that. At 10 in the morning, it was time for JT to go on duty. His first rounds was at the prison cells, guarding the prisoners. " You must be the famous little boy that beat up our big man, Dave," a voice said as a figure walked toward him. As the figure grew nearer, JT recognized the man as the famous Julius Hanes. " You're hear on time, I like that. Your partner is a little late, he better not keep this up. Well, goodbye and good luck." Julius then left before JT could talk to him. Just as he walked away, another figure came up to him. It was.......his partner.

" So we meet again," JT said to his partner. Of all people, it was funny how his partner turned out to be Dave Miller. Dave didn't seemed so thrilled about his partner either. Without looking at JT a second time, he went to his post.

" Listen, that little win you had was a fluke. So you do your job, and I'll handle my business, and the next time we fight you won't be so lucky. Believe me, there will be a next time."

JT just looked at Dave with a surprised expression at first, but then grinned. He didn't expect Dave to be the serious type. " Fine with-"

" Hey look, freshmeat," Turning around to see who this was, JT saw two prisoners loss and out of their cell. One was holding a leadpipe. Looking beyond them, JT saw that all the other cells were opened and empty as well. " You have two choices. You can either come with us into your new cell peacefully, or die. Shouldn't be a very hard decision," the prisoner said laughing.

" I pick neither!" Dave said, and he ran full force at the one that was talking. With one swift motion, the guard struck Dave at a spot on his collarbone and Dave fell to the ground unconscious.

" Dave!" JT said, checking his partner. That was a rule amongst the guards, always protect your partner. Thoughts swam through JT's head. How'd everyone escape? Who helped them? It must of been someone from the in- Before he could finish, he was struck in the head with the pipe. Blood rolled down his forehead. Him and Dave were then placed and locked in the nearest cell.

(My next post will be my escape, so no need to worry or anything)
4  General Category / Light RP Area / Re: Hydrange on: January 22, 2011, 07:56:00 am
(Sorry, I was waiting to see if someone new wanted to join and it slipped my mind)

As JT walked back to his seat, he saw the girl who he was saving, Renee. As he walked by, he thought he heard her mumble something to him, but she probably didn't say anything. When he got to his seat, JT rummaged through his bag. First, he pulled out a comb. His black, shoulder-length hair got kinda of messy during the altercation. The next thing he looked for was his spare pair of glasses. " Come on where are they, I know I packed them in here."

Finally finding them, JT looked to the side as a girl sat by him, with what looked like his glasses in his hand. She seemed to have fixed his glasses. " Thanks, uhhh, Sarah right?" He put the spare glasses on and put his fixed ones in his pocket. " I'll just put these on when the tape can come off," She also mentioned how JT was able to handle Dave pretty quickly. " Yeah, haha. I may be small but I can handle myself pretty well in a fight. He wasn't that tough either. He may have been big, but everyone's weak when you hit them hard enough in their stomach." There was a short pause before either one of them started talking again. " Soo, you were able to fix my glasses just like that? That's pretty cool. Who taught you how to fix stuff like that?" JT sat there and had a small conversation with Sarah while awaiting arrival at Hydrange. Finally after a while, they arrive. " Well, hope to see you around. Bye," JT said, grabbing his bag and walking off the submarine.

He followed one of the workers who'd been their for a while to his room. It wasn't big, but it was still a nice room. A bed, small T.V in the corner, nothing much but still nice. In his closet, in saw his uniform. Putting his stuff away, JT sat down and his bed and though of what transpired on the boat. He just got here, wasn't even in the faculty yet, and already had a reputation. Grinning to himself, he lay back and rested a little.
5  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: [Wild Encounters] Kailon in Route 2 on: January 18, 2011, 06:13:39 pm
" Eeeek!" Rowena screeched as the Ghost-Pokemon came from it's Pokeball. " Why would you want a Pokemon like that? It's just.....ugh! Anyway let's go Roselia," Rowena said, releasing her second Pokemon, " Stun Spore!"

The little Grass-type Pokemon spun around as it released spores from it's body. The spores spread around the two Nidoran, covering them and paralyzing them. The female Nidoran seemed to have trouble fighting through the paralise, but her partner wouldn't accept it. He fought and pushed through it until he finally could move and aimed a Peck at Gastly. The attack didn't do as much damage as it would have to Roselia, but the male Nidoran seemed to be trying to prove something by trying to defeat Gastly.

Roselia: 100%
Gastly: 87%

Nidoran(M): 100% [Paralyzed]
Nidoran(F): 100% [Paralyzed]
6  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: [Wild Encounter] Nicola Ventures through Viridian Forest on: January 17, 2011, 11:54:19 am
Sensing the weak Pidgey's presence, Crystal picked up the little Corsola and threw her like a baseball. At the same time, the weaker Corcola was rushing towards her. The impact of the two Tackles sent both Pokemon backwards, hurting both Pokemon pretty badly. Crystal used her quick speed to catch Aqua. More damage was dealt to the Pidgey as it hit the ground. It wasn't down, but it struggled to get up. The other Pidgey waited for it's chance to strike. It flew down as fast it could, aiming for a Tackle. As it came near, Crystal Countered the attack, dealing more damage than the attack would have. Though it was not very effective.

Crystal: 73%
Aqua: 43%

Pidgey(M): 69%
Pidgey(F): 21%
7  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: Jimmy on Route 29[Wild Encounters] on: January 17, 2011, 11:33:10 am
" Dang, their both really hurt. Come on guys, just get off one good hit and this battle will be over! Tackle and Scratch!"
8  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: [Wild Encounter] Nicola Ventures through Viridian Forest on: January 17, 2011, 10:21:00 am
As they traveled, the further they came in to the forest the darker it became. Soon, all sight was impossible. The Pikachu, with the electricity from their cheeks, lead the Spinarak to safety. As the Pokemon were leaving, Crystal could feel an aura on either side of them. Both Pidgeys quickly flew off a tree and attack. The advantage was on their side, as both Pidgey possessed Keen Eye. One Pidgey(Lv9, Male) flew up above them, trying to push them back with Gust. This attack was Super Effective against Crystal. The other(Lv5, Female) flew down and Tackled Aqua and tried to Tackle Crystal, though she easily stopped and countered the weak attempt from the Pokemon.

Crystal: 73%
Aqua: 65%

Pidgey(M): 100%
Pidgey(F): 51%
9  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: Jimmy on Route 29[Wild Encounters] on: January 17, 2011, 10:05:28 am
(Forgot to mention, Trainer bonus)

" This battle, is OVER!! Same strategy!"
10  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: Jimmy on Route 29[Wild Encounters] on: January 16, 2011, 02:23:34 pm
" Ha, let's let the poison finish off Ekans. Work on Koffing now! Same strategy! Sentret I'm putting this on you! Make sure you help Cyndaquil and watch out for attacks, protect both of you!" Jimmy said.
11  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: [Wild Encounter] Nicola Ventures through Viridian Forest on: January 16, 2011, 02:14:37 pm
The last Exeggcute, determined to beat Crystal and impress her leader, unleashed an angry and fierce Barrage of attacks. He hit Crystal once. Then twice. Then three times. Then four! This was rare for Pokemon to do during this attack. Before the fifth hit, Crystal Countered the attack with great power, ending this Exeggcute's ran of terror. Aqua then quickly woke up and Tackled the fainted Exeggcute, not relizing that the battle was over. Aqua and Crystal eached gained 1.5EXP points, 2.75 all together.
12  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: Jimmy on Route 29[Wild Encounters] on: January 16, 2011, 01:43:49 pm
" That's what I get for trying to use a move that Cyndaquil didn't know. Let's use this smoke to our advantage! Stay close and follow Sentret, Cyndaquil! Tackle and Scratch on Ekans. We gotta knock at least on out before the smoke clears. Since you see the best, try to make them attack each other Sentret!"
13  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: [Wild Encounter] Nicola Ventures through Viridian Forest on: January 16, 2011, 01:38:05 pm
(Sorry about getting off, the site wasn't working for me)

The Exeggcute were no match for Crystal, though they were try their best to defeat her. They had specific instructions to worry about Crystal first. Seeing as Aqua was still asleep, the Exeggcute double teamed Crystal with Barrage. They were coming at her from all diffent angles and Crystal couldn't keep up with them. They each managed to get three hits off. Crystal, shaking off the attacks brought her palm back and struck the same Exeggcute that attacked her before. One down, one to go. Crystal and Aura gained 1.25 EXP each!

Crystal: 69%
Aqua: 100% [Sleep]

Exeggcute(M): 100%
14  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: Jimmy on Route 29[Wild Encounters] on: January 16, 2011, 10:31:57 am
" *Sigh* I thought I told you guys to skip the small talk," Jimmy said, sorry for himself and whoever else has to sit through that whole introduction. Seeing the Pokemon they released, Jimmy saw these meant business. Whoa, they aren't as weak as I thought. I'll try the Smokescreen again and see if it works! Cyndaquil(Lv8), another Smokescreen! Sentret(Lv5), ride on Cyndaquil and hit Ekans with a Scratch! Cyndaquil, just slam yourself on him. Then retreat back to me!" Jimmy said. He didn't think they would be dumb enough to fall for the same thing twice, but anything was possible.
15  Battles / Wild Encounters / Re: [Wild Encounters] Kailon in Route 2 on: January 16, 2011, 10:24:50 am
Rowena smiled as Kailon started to jogged next to her. " Thanks for coming," She said, giving Kailon a hug. " I probably would've never made it by myself if you didn't come with. Let's go to the Pokemon Center partner!" She said, skipping in front of him. Little trip down to the Pokemon Center was interrupted as they were stopped by an agitated Nidoran(M,Lv5) and Nidoran(F,Lv4). " I hope you have another Pokemon," Rowena said, enlarging her second Pokeball. " If not, you can heal Vulpix with this." She reached in her fanny pack and through a Super Potion to Kailon. " I lost so many time before, but I'm sure I'll win with you! ready partner!" Rowena said with a big smile.
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