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January 26, 2022, 02:49:23 am
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August 06, 2012, 02:23:34 am by Nicola

All right, you guys, so I pretty much spammed the Cbox with excitement when I caught wind of the talk of rebooting the Pokemon roleplay, so I decided it would be less spammy of me more helpful to make a forum topic to discuss this. Reading the Cbox, it seems this idea has everyone's support~ (Except Dan, who never has opinions, and Twills, who never roleplays Pokemon, so they don't count.)

So let's talk Pokemon. I'll repost what I said on the Cbox:

Anyways, my vote is YES, let's reboot the Pokemon roleplay! :D
We should probably make changes to the rules to properly accommodate a small amount of roleplayers and hopefully get some interaction between all of our characters.
Maybe less number-based stuff? Maybe some more Plot Events? Since we have such a concentrated group of roleplayers, we can twist the Pokemon world HOWEVER WE WANT.
Which means we can certainly make it interesting enough to keep up a core roleplay.

While we could all go our separate ways and enjoy our little Pokemon journeys, I think Jack noted that it would be more fun to travel in a group rather than everyone striking out on their own. I think it would be awesome if we all somehow ended up being in one big group so we could do lots of fantastic things together~

And it doesn't even have to be traveling on a generic Pokemon journey anymore. We've been there, done that, time and time again, and we've lost interest in it, time after time. This time is different, because since our group is so tight, we have the control, we get to pull all the strings. We can drag in the Legendaries, we can find shinies, we can have the Pokemon apocalypse, we can make our own NPCs, our own villains, our own towns, our own Pokemon, our own challenges, our own unique logic-defying plots, our own silly shenanigans. We can turn the whole Pokemon world upside-down for the sake of roleplay and have it turn out to be spectacular. We don't have to follow any rules, there are no restrictions, anything and everything is game. I say all this because I really want to emphasize the freedom we have in this roleplay; we can do ANYTHING with this, so I want us all to put our heads together and make it good.

It might be easier to brainstorm creative twists after we get to see everyone's characters. That said, I'd like to see some filled-out character sheets. I know Quinn and I have our characters ready to go, but I'd like to hear about everyone else, too. I think it'd be good if we essentially followed the same profile format from Kenta's domain-fail site (because I'm pretty sure that's the one Quinn, Josh and I already have filled out for the characters we're using), so y'know, just kinda go for it. I posted it in a separate topic, so you can find the form there.

Before everyone fills it out, though, I think a few changes should be made:
  • First of all, we should all be traveling in the same region, I hope, so that category is kind of unnecessary (though we should decide collectively which region to base ourselves in).
  • I also don't really know about trainer class, because our site and Kyuu's had a few different ones? Well, just feel free to pick whatever, just use your best judgement. I think the only difference was Nurse, anyway, and I'd say that's still a legitimate trainer class, so that's all good. If you wanna be something else not on the site, go for it, nothing's stopping you.
  • Finally, I don't think a roleplay sample is necessary, because I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with the way everyone here roleplays (if not, feel free to browse the Light RP section).
If that's all fine with everyone, I think it would be okay to remove at least region and roleplay sample from the profile template.

In the spirit of starting fresh, I made a new board for profiles, so go ahead and post your characters there. Also, I've got an empty board prepared for saving all of the stuff from the old roleplay so it's out of the way but we can still access it. Before I do any serious moving around and whatnot, though, I'd like some input from you guys. ('Cause I want to make sure I've got input from everyone and I'm not getting too ahead of myself here.)

After getting some of this preliminary stuff taken care of, we can discuss what boards we're going to need to make this work, and more of the technical / organizational stuff like that.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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January 26, 2022, 02:49:23 am

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